How to Stop Feeling Down

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How can you stop feeling down? That’s a huge question to deal with, in light of the current worldwide situation.

Covid-19 or also known as new coronavirus disease is a condition that causes upper respiratory symptoms and it is now declared as a pandemic. Older people and those with an underlying medical condition like high blood pressure have a higher risk of suffering a severe disease. But this disease hasn’t only affected the physical health of people.

The virus has the ability to spread quickly and it has also brought panic to the world. People are stockpiling masks and other sanitary products. Almost all countries are under coronavirus quarantine, and with so many misinformation and tragic news stress levels of people are higher than ever.

If you are feeling down and anxious with everything that is going on with the virus keep reading to know some effective ways to improve your mental health during these hard times.

Stop feeling down with these ideas

Below there are some cool ideas you can take advantage of while at home for self-improvement. From simple ones to the ones that will get you on the move, these inspiring ideas will fill your time in a way that is fun and will help you better handle the current situtation.

Exercise At Home

Working out will make you feel more energy, support your immune system and help you maintain a healthier body. Something as simple as running for 15 minutes can reduce the risk of depression. It relieves muscle tensions and the release of endorphins which are chemicals in your brain that improve your mood.

Exercising works as a distraction so you won’t spend so much time with negative thoughts and constant worries. It is an inexpensive way to reduce depression because you can find several videos on the internet about different types of exercise to define all muscle groups.

Read a Book

Have you ever wanted to read a book but don’t have enough time to do it? Then this is the perfect moment to read it. Reading stimulates your brain and fills you with positive energy. It is proven that it can reduce your stress levels by around 68%. Reading also improves your sleep quality. It gives you inner peace because you are keeping your mind busy and with no negative thoughts or worries while you are immersed in the book. The best part about reading a book is that you have thousands of categories to choose from. You can read a self-help book, a fiction one, a fantasy book, etc.

Practice Meditation

Meditation provides you a peaceful state of mind and alters certain brain regions that are linked with depression. It increases the volume of gray matter in the hippocampus which has been shown to reduce depressing feelings. So it will definitely help you stop feeling down.

Meditation is not about blocking the negative thoughts but looking at them without judgment. And understanding that you don’t have to let them affect you. It reduces the way how your body responds to stress and increases the awareness of your mind. You will get to know yourself better.

Don’t Over Watch The News

Yes, it is important to keep yourself informed and know the right ways to prevent this disease. But spending your entire day watching sad news isn’t going to improve your health but increase your anxiety and fear. Only watch the news or look for information from verified sources because there is too much misinformation these days that only increase panic. Take some time away from the sad news and focus your time on joyful activities that allow you to escape from your worries.

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