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100 Things You Can Do at Home

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With the current Coronavirus quarantine going strong, it’s easy to get bored. Whether you have kids at home or are simply trying to enjoy this time, there’s no shortage of activities to do. You can try many things, including every member of your family. But what happens when you’ve tried anything and run out of ideas? You take a look at the following ideas on things to do at home! That’s what you do.

Activities to do at home

In this article we have gathered 100 ideas, each and every one of them offering a unique feeling of relaxation and fun. In light of the current situation it is ideal to spend some time with your family. Something which is rather difficult to do when you work and do stuff 24/7. So, take advantage of these days, stay at home safely and get ready for some fun and enjoyful things to do at home! Listed one by one below, for you, your self-improvement and the rest of your family members.

Have a costume night

Have everyone dress up in a costume for dinner. Make this as loose or theme it as desired. This is great for families especially.

Throw an indoor picnic

Set out a picnic blanket and eat your dinner like you’re having a picnic. This is either family-friendly or can be romantic.

Have an indoor scavenger hunt

Type up a list of things to be found. These can be inside or in your yard. You can have a small prize for the winner!

Learn how to do nail art

Use any of the tutorials online to learn how to do simple or complicated nail designs

Plant seedlings

Depending on your location, start some seedlings indoors of small plants, flowers, or herbs.

Have a board game night

Board games are a great way to spent quality time together so pick a few of your favorites

Film a cooking show

Film yourself or your family “hosting” a cooking show and video it. Share with friends and family.

Make Christmas cards

The holidays aren’t coming for a while but why not get ahead on this craft? It’s of the things to do at home that will offer you great feelings and vibes for some time. After all, who doesn’t love Christmas, right?

Do a puzzle

This is a great relaxation method for many people so break one out and get started!

Make jewelry

You can find tutorials online that will get you started and you usually just need a few supplies and tools

Get through a book

If you’ve fallen behind on reading, this is a great time to catch up.

Have a water balloon fight

If it’s warm enough, have a water balloon fight with your family in the yard.

Learn yoga

This is great for any age group. Use a video or online tool to get started.

Invent your own writing code

Great for younger kids. Invent a code to write messages to each other

Have a photo shoot

Gather props and outfits to take some fun pictures.

Learn calligraphy

There’s no better time to work on your writing. Learn with a kit or on your own.

Have a BBQ

If it’s warm enough, why not fire up the grill and eat outside?

Invent your own board game

Design a board and game that you’ll enjoy playing.

Have a spa night

Light candles, put on relaxing music, and do a face mask to pamper yourself.

Play charades

This game never gets old so play it one evening.

Make a scrapbook

This is the perfect time to put together some memories

Make an obstacle course

Make this challenging for kids

Collect bugs

For any budding entomologists, this is a fun activity

Wash the dog

If your pooch needs one, you can spend the time!

Wash your car

If it’s time to do some maintenance, wash and clean out your car.


Stay up late and look at the constellations in your area

Build a bird house

With spring coming soon, you can build and decorate a bird house

Make your own play-doh

Great for kids and you can throw it away when it’s done

Write an autobiography

Write down the story of your life until now for a creative self-expression.

Rearrange your room

This a great time to get the layout you’ve always wanted.

Create a movie or play

You can do this on your own or with family

Learn a line dance

Another point worth mentioning for things to do at home is this. Use a tutorial online to learn a fun dance, and after this whole thing comes to an end, you will have become a great dancer. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Have a talent show

Have a show with your family to showcase your skills.

Learn how to juggle

Start small and work your way up.

Have a paper airplane race

Have everyone perfect their airplane building skills.

Make a rope swing

If you have a tree in the backyard, build a swing for it

Learn a yoyo trick

If you have one handy, why not learn how to use it?


If you enjoy basketball, perfect your skills

Line up dominoes

Create fun and intricate patterns before watching them drop

Research careers

If you’ve ever considered changing careers, now is the time to do your research

Learn string games

Cats in the Cradle is a fun one.

Learn clapping games

Fun for kids and teens.

Watch old home movies

It’s the perfect time to look back at some memories.

Build a fort

With blanket or outside. It’s a funny activity to do with your kids.

Make/fly a kite

For this, you should find a windy day. Otherwise the result might not be what you want.

Learn sign language

Use online tutorials to get started

Learn Morse Code

You can make your own messages.

Bake treats for neighbors

Do some good and you can leave them in their mailbox.

Solve a crossword

You can finally get through one!

Play online games

Try some of your favorites.

Make a time capsule

Put together mementos for the future.

Arm wrestle

Find out who’s the besta among your family members.

Give each other fancy or crazy hairdos

This will light up the atmosphere and definitely make you laugh!

Have breakfast for dinner

It’s fun and easy. Why not?

Have a relay race

Do this in the backyard if you can

Make Easter Eggs

You can do this early to practice.

Volunteer virtually

Just a computer and internet connection needed.

Channel your bartender

Try out some new cocktail recipes.

Take up knitting

It’s easy to learn a basic pattern.

Work through a cookbook

Try out some new recipes with your free time.

Browse auction sites

No spending required though!

Put on a virtual book club

Do this with friends to stay connected.

Try meditation

Get started finding your inner zen.

Reorganize your pantry

Get your spices and other foods in order.

Paint your space

If it’s time for an upgrade, now’s a great time.

Install floating shelves

Only if you want them though!

Master new makeup looks

Now’s the perfect time to perfect your smoky eye look. There are many looks you can try and things to do at home, but have you thought of that?

Teach a class

Use Zoom to hold sessions in your area of expertise

Learn how to cut hair

If you have willing people to practice

Tour online exhibits

Many museums have their exhibits online

Take in some opera

Take in some filmed opera performances streaming right now

Research a new topic

Indulge your curiosity into a historical period or anything.

Learn a new language

Now is a great time to do a refresher.

Teach your pet some tricks

Consider some fun tricks like rolling over or shake.

Declutter your space

Go through and clean out an unwanted items

Write letters

This is a great time to handwrite letters to friends and family

Listen to a podcast

Take time to tackle a podcast

Start a journal

Now is a great time to journal about your life.

Have a wine tasting

Adults only though!

Try karaoke

You can use an online version if you don’t have your own machine

Try “would you rather”

A fun game to play.

Take an online class

Free courses online let you pick up new skills

Catch up on the news

If you feel behind.

Reach out to friends/family

Catch up with people you’ve missed.

Make a funny video

Make a fun interactive video with you and your family.

Play indoor badminton

Use a sofa or chair as the net.

Listen to an audio book

If you get tired of the physical book.

Binge watch a tv series

If there’s one you haven’t gotten to see.

Play a brain game

Work on some challenging brain games.

Carve pumpkins

This doesn’t just have to be a fall activity.

Have a dance party

With modern or older music.

Have a bonfire

Start one in the backyard and make s’mores.

Christmas shop online

It’s never too early to get started.

Jump rope

Make it a contest with your kids.

Decorate a t-shirt

Have your family each make their own t-shirt design.

Enjoy some bubbles

You can make your own bubble mix.

Hula hoop

Until you get tired!

Practice tongue twisters

You’ll never know when you need this skill.

Build a house of cards

Now’s the time to perfect your skills.

Play freeze tag

Fun activity for the whole family!

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