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Do Everything From Love Not For Love

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The reason why you are reding this, is probably because you want to know how to deal with love. Love in itself can be a very complicated emotion, if we’re not real enough. It is the most beautiful feeling, but it can also be a painful sacrifice when it comes to those we think we love. When showing the people around us that we love them, it’s important to take into consideration that it’s not supposed to be forced.

Love isn’t something you should prove to yourself or to others in order to have. Doing things from a place of love is the only place you should be coming from in showing love to those around you. The moment that you do things for love, rather than from love, it becomes a less genuine way of showing your true intentions.

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How to deal with love

The true difference in between coming from a place of love is that it becomes the most selfless and most pure act of all. All of your actions revolving around it, actually. If you choose to come from a place of genuine love- you’re doing it because you truly love the person. And you want to see them happy. When you feel like this, cheers to you! Because you have achieved what many people call self-improvement.

An example of expressing your feelings is, when you want to give someone a special gift. You should be coming from a place of love, which makes this a beautiful gesture on its own. However, if you’re doing that for the sake of love, you’re doing it for the emotion not for the person. It would end up that your intentions wouldn’t be as pure as intended.

Doing things for love might leave you drained, burned out and doing actions that are all coming from the wrong intention. If you’re doing certain actions for the emotion, then it might not be love in the first place. You have to take extra precaution to avoid doing things for love rather than from love. Because we live in a world that completely romanticizes the idea of it with the portrayal of books and movies.

Why you should not keep doing things for love

It’s easy to get caught up with the idea of love and what it’s supposed to be, rather than the reality. This is the reason behind if you’re doing things for love. The tendency is that you’re in love with an idea in your head of what you think love is. However, if you’re doing things from a place of love, it tends to be a real emotion. If you’re doing things from love, what you feel for that person is genuine love and not just love that the world portrays it to be.

Real love requires sacrifice and it’s not always an emotion that displays good. If you’re doing things in a place of love, there’s an existence of empathy, patience, kindness, goodness and every other pure emotion that you could feel. When you have someone in your life that experiences feelings of loss and grief, if you’re coming from a place of love, you would do things just to ease the pain and burden of that person. That’s real love. That is how to deal with love and what you should do. However, if you’re doing it for love, there’a bound to be resentment, bitterness, anger. And finally, it might not be as real as you thought it to be.

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