Here’s Proof You Don’t Need a Mansion to Live in Style

You already know home interiors of impressive buildings are probably stunning. How about this one? As you walk inside, you will notice wooden floors along with the modern and sharp design the apartment has. This article is here to prove that you don’t really need a mansion to live in style. Let’s go!

exterior building photo
modern kitchen to live in style

The Kitchen and Living Room

The kitchen has a white and black color combo with the countertops being white and the accessories being black. The oven is built into the cabinets which, in my opinion, add a nice little touch to the overall look of the kitchen. What really brings out the kitchen is the view. To the left of the kitchen sink is the opening to the balcony. From there you can see everything including the swing set so you can keep an eye on the kids while they’re playing.

When you first look at it, the living room seems small. But it is actually quite spacious. Multiple windows are in the living room which gives you an excellent view if you prefer to stay inside instead of going out to the balcony. You can even have a view while you’re eating by sitting at the table in the corner. Despite the size, you can easily hang out with two or three friends and not feel too cramped.

living room with grey sofas
big white window and door
dark kitchen with island
light grey interior
minimal kitchen wth pendant lights
black sink
flowers in kitchen island
special lighting in kitchen
many kitchen cabinets
living room decor to live in style
style in big windows
grey and white interior
bedroom style to live in style
patterned wallpaper to live in style
white flowers as wallpaper
bathroom with walk in shower

The Bathroom

The bathroom is absolutely gorgeous. The flooring is tile instead of wood and there is a walk-in shower with a washer right next to it. The mirror is huge so there shouldn’t ever be an issue with somebody hogging up the mirror.

grey tiles in bathroom
live in style with neutral colors in hall
neutral colors and mirror
exposed bricks in home interior to live in style

Relaxing Design

Overall, the design is very nice and appealing. There is nothing extra that you can’t have. Thus, proving that you can really live in style in that way too!

There are not too many bright colors that will hurt the eyes. Instead, the overall theme brings a very relaxing and somewhat therapeutic feel to it. After having a long day, coming home and enjoying the view can help put the mind at ease.

Images: Alvhem

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