How to Create the Perfect Cozy Reading Nook On a Budget

window reading nook on a budget

The perfect reading nook is comfy, cozy, super relaxing and a gateway to adventure. They can be found almost anywhere but the best reading nooks are stylized on our personal choice and need for a worldly retreat. If you’re stuck for inspiration when designing your reading nook, here are a few reading nook ideas on How To Create The Prefect Cozy Reading Nook On A Budget.

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How to Create the Perfect Cozy Reading Nook On a Budget

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  • Oversized Armchair

A reading nook is lost without a lovely comfy oversized armchair that you can simply curl up and sink into. Sofas are too big for reading nooks and lack the romantic otherworldly charm an oversized armchair offers, and some armchairs are too small to curl up in. A reading nook is all about comfort and an oversized armchair with big rolling arms, a high back and a blanket draped over it is just the foundation you need to start.

The armchair doesn’t need to be pressed up against the wall. It can sit at an angle in a corner or be in the middle of the room. In fact, playing about with position and angle can maximize the comfort levels when you find the perfect spot to put it in.

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  • A Room With A View

Light is quintessential to a reading nook and so is a view. While it’s not always possible to get the view because, that doesn’t mean one can’t be achieved for your reading nook budget. For a modest sum, you can find window sized wall stickers or tapestries that create a scenic landscape and will work just as well as any bay window.

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  • Lazy Arm Lamps

They might not appear attractive but lazy arm lamps are a brilliant way to bring soft light to your reading nook and the reason why lazy arm lamps are better than standard lamps is their angle of light can be adjusted. The biggest interloper on any reading nook is the intensity or lack of light from a lamp. Too bright or too dull a light can be a real reading nook mood killer. Lazy arms allow you to rotate the head and arm so you can play with the perfect amount of light that washes over the room and you when you’re reading.

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  • Bookshelves

Floating shelves, shelving units; beech, rustic or black. A reading nook is not a reading nook without a modest collection of books and for that you need shelves. Depending on the size and space allowed, you may want to play about with different styles and types of shelving to get the right addition.

Now, the key to shelving in a reading nook is not to have too many books present. The colour will be a distraction and the number can make the reading nook seem cluttered. Reading nooks are light and airy, atmospheric. Too much of anything and it will overwhelm. But, you don’t want it to appear empty of life either.

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  • Wall Art Decor

Alongside your books, try and get wall art gallery representative of the kind of fiction you like. They will soften the decor while acting as a visual gateway to the imagination. Like books, you don’t want too many.

  • A Bit of Greenery

Reading nooks simply wouldn’t be reading nooks without a bit of greenery. That is, plants. Indoor plants purify the air giving it a better quality. They also add nature to the room and both are positive for our mental health. Basically, they help us relax. Cacti are good too. Indoor plants compliment a reading nook is so many ways and make the room more welcoming.

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With these reading nook ideas, hopefully you have found inspiration for your reading nook. There are many ideas to explore the prefect cozy reading nook for you and as previously mentioned, each reading nook is stylized on personal taste. So get searching and create your home away from home.

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