21 Art Gallery Wall Ideas

One type of home ornamentation that has been gaining steam lately are wall arts. But let’s take it from the beginning, shall we? Having a blank wall is sometimes really boring! Even the brightest of colors might not be enough to give the space a new lease of life. As you might possibly like to have a trendy living room, a brilliant trick would be to focus on wall art ideas!

Creating your own personal wall gallery with your favorite pictures or prints is unique because you don’t have to follow anyone else’s particular style. There’s is no right or wrong, it all comes down to what inspires you. What’s more, creating an art gallery wall can instantly upgrade the style of any space. Here are several steps you can take to get your dream gallery wall off to a good start.

Steps for successful wall art ideas

While in theory it might sound easy, wall arts can be difficult to choose from. There ae plenty of styles, frames, shapes that all fall under the same wall art category. The ones you choose depend on your preferences and the rest of the room you are going to place them. But before you start there is some prep work you need to do.

Choose your “canvas”

First it’s important to consider which of your walls will be your “canvas”. The majority of homeowners out there opt for the living room or hallway walls. And we don’t wonder why, these are the two areas when such art will mostly stand out.

Also, if you don’t have an idea of the type of art wall you want it’s important that you do that first. The types of picture/photos/prints and frames you want to put on your wall will be the core of your wall arts. When you have the type of art you want to put on your wall all figured out, you can go to the next stage.

Choose the frames

The next step is to find the frames for your chosen artwork. Keep in mind, the frames you choose can be completely different in style from one another, it all depends on how you place them on the wall. Moreover, it’s really a matter of personal preference.

The best advice is to frame each piece separately in a way that complements the artwork best. Using a different frame for each piece will make your wall more unique. And as a bonus, if you decide to hang a particular piece in a different place later on, it will still look awesome by itself! Various types of antique styled frames are always stunning, or you can mix styles such as art-deco with traditional styled frames.

Now that you have your artwork together, next you have to work on the layout of your art gallery wall. Measure the amount of wall space you want to use and then take that same measurement and tape off a section on a flat surface, like the floor. This will help you to space your artwork uniformly. Once you have your arrangement together, take several photos with your smartphone for reference.

Start building up your wall arts

You can now hang your art gallery onto your wall. To keep the balance right, start with the largest piece first. If you don’t have one large piece, put two smaller pieces together to create the appearance of a piece of larger artwork. Once you’ve got the main piece/pieces up, branch out from there with smaller pieces until you have duplicated the arrangement you designed.

TIP: Be sure to check the height of your art gallery wall to keep your art at eye-level. It will be much easier for everyone to enjoy it!

Image: Styling and photography by Michelle Halford for T.D.C

Wall arts and ideas

Now that we have covered the basic stuff, it’s time to see some great ideas of wall art. Each and every one of them has something unique to offer to your home decor, so choose wisely which one to get inspiration from.

Statement framed artwork

statement pictures

Statement art is something we all love. The idea of having something like that on your wall serves the purpose of making it more stylish. Frames that include different types of art mix all together for something like the above example. It adds a commercial touch to your home’s interior and definitely is eye-catching!

Use everyday objects

different wall arts

Apart from having your favourite frames on the wall, you can also place some other objects as well. Maybe with a little crafting, you will create something great.

Grab some wood and start making different shapes, like arrows or even hearts and geometrical objects. A nice and fancy touch here is the decor the kitchen element creates. Don’t hesitate to use something like that. It’s trendy and very modern.

And if you don’t want to only have frames on the wall, you can check other wall decor ideas with more elements to choose from.

Image: Love Grows Wild

Use shelving

shelf and pictures on the wall

Framing a shelf with several wall arts is another way to correctly implement wall art ideas. On the shelf you can place some favourite objects like candles and other decorative stuff. And then all arounf you are free to choose whatever frames you want in order to beautify the area.

Image:  Mckenna Bleu

Black and white art

black and white photos

Black and white photos are absolutely stunning. So why not choose them as wall art ideas? Place your favourite black and white pictures in frames and there you are. A wall art that’s classy and chic.

Image: Centsational Girl

Modern portraits

portraits on the wall

Portraits and frames work perfectly together. Try placing a couple of your favourite ones in the center. And then spice it up with smaller pictures all around.

Pro-tip: Don’t add too many portrait pictures on your wall. There is such thing as overdoing it in this case. One or two big portraits are more than plenty.

Mix and match frames

mix and match wall pictures

Undecisive about the types of photos you want to place on your wall? Mix and match it then! Start with your favourite quote that brings you joy and motivation. Add some patterns or prints in the colors you love. Some other minimal details would make the result perfect. And why not, place some of your favourite photographs, of you, your family or friends.

Havng your favourite stuff placed all together, will make the equivalent room be your favourite part of your house!

Image: crafty teacher lady

Black frames for slight boldness

black frames on the wall

Make your photos or pictures stand out by placing them in black frames. Black frames are great and add a slight boldness to your wall art ideas. It’s great and we love, and so should you.

Wallpaper with prints

Art Gallery Wall Ideas 9

And if you want something that stands out even mre, try placing a fancy printed wallpaper on your wall. Let the prints magnify the glory created by the photos and frames you have chosen! Ideally, create some contrast between the shades used in photos and the ones on the wall. You don’t want them to be exactly the same!

Use plain art

Art Gallery Wall Ideas 10

The pictures you choose do not necessarily have to be multicolored or have many lines. Even one object pictures do the trick. They add minimalism to your wall and are a great option for people who love simplicity and modesty in home decor.

Image: Stadshem

All in one

Art Gallery Wall Ideas 11

Another clever idea is to have multiple frames all in one. This symbolizes unity and warmth, something which is worth having in your home interior.

Image: ELLE

Try different shapes of frames

Art Gallery Wall Ideas 12

Does the idea of similar, rectangular frames sound dull to you? A smart way to avoid this is by combining different types of frames, like circular, oval, rectangular and square. Don’t be afraid to match everything! It’s actually highly advisable to do so!

Image: The Everygirl

Abstract art to the fullest

Art Gallery Wall Ideas 13

Abstract art is also one of those high value wall art ideas you can choose. It’s suitable for those of you who love the feels of this specific type of art. Opt for different shapes and sizes and combine them together in a gallery wall to have the perfect living room like this one!

Image: Casa

Use greenery

Art Gallery Wall Ideas 14

Plants will never be a better friend of yours than in this case. The natural touch is ideal for wall art ideas. They make the interior look really fresh (they release oxygen, how could they not after all?) and modern. A contemporary touch that really catches the eye.

Art Gallery Wall Ideas 15

Placing one or two photo frames on the wall is definitely something. But what about creating something bigger than that? A gallery wall, of course! Plenty of frames together to make your wall look absolutely stunning and fantastic.

Opt for harmony

Art Gallery Wall Ideas 16

If you are a perfectionist then this one is what you have always dreamt of! Place symmetrically similar frames in the center of your walls to make it harmonious. This will give a sense of tranquility in your home decor, still making it look cool and inviting!

Image: Fantastic Frank

Grayscale wall art ideas

Art Gallery Wall Ideas 17

Shades of grey can be stylish not only on the walls and furniture, but also in frames as well. Upscale your wall art with similar frames like these and see your home interior turn into a grey paradise!

Image: DomusNova

Add pops of color

adda pop of color in wall pictures

The idea here is to have a central photo frame with a bold color that captures the attention. Leave the rest as neutral as possible and you will have a great wall art right in front of you.

Image:  Old Brand New

Have a focal point

flower photo and smaller ones around

Another nice idea would be to have one or two big frames as a focal point. Consider placing favourite pieces in this case, as they will stand out. So you want something that it’s a favourite. Then place some other frames around, in different sizes to spice things up!

Use geometrical pieces

geometrical pictures on the wall

Geometrical shapes in pictures are also worth considering. They leave the place look transparent and super modern. You can definitely combine different shapes, there is not limit!

Image: HGTV

Color blocking in pictures

color blocking in frames

You don’t want to have one color used as wall art ideas? Don’t worry, there is another option for you. Choose pictures of different colors, to create a color blocking effect that everyone will love!

Image:  A Beautiful Mess

Different frame materials

wall gallery

Designed by Sindhu Peruri of Peruri Design Co.

Last but not least, you can play it up with different frame materials. Try golden ones to add an aristocratic touch to you home decor. Or go plain with some wooden or metal ones. And why not, mix them all together. There is no limit to the imagination and especially when it comes to wall art ideas!

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