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21 Floating Shelves Decorating Ideas

floating shelves as decorating idea

Storage space is something almost everyone yearns for. Floating shelves not only provide a room with a place to put your things, but when mounted correctly they can look fun, sleek and even a bit sophisticated. In fact, they are designed to appear as if they are attached to the wall without the benefit of brackets or braces. Floating shelves as decorating ideas are easy to put together and extremely useful. They can be both a work of art and a functional storage unit.

Whether used to display photos, organize books, or show off your crystal menagerie collection, the Floating Wall Shelf is sure to do the job in style. They are perfection in any room. Use the Floating Wall Shelf in a family room, bedroom, office, bathroom, or anywhere you want to add extra storage or display space. Check out some ideas you can implement at your own home. Some of these shelves are handsome, easy to build and inexpensive.

Ideas for great wall shelves decorating ideas

kitchen with wall shelves

The kitchen in the Victorian home of Warren Matthee and Rupert Smith, owners of Cape Town decor stores O.live (olivestudio.co.za).

floating shelves in a minimal room

floating shelves decorating ideas

floating shelves and a red armchair

Via Lagerlings

staggered floating shelves

Staggered floating shelves.

Floating Books Wall Shelf 9 decorating ideas

Floating Books Wall Shelf. Everyone will think you are a magician when they see your books mysteriously floating in the air with this invisible wall shelf. Easily mounted with just 1 secure screw, it can store a stack of 5-10 books. Group multiples together on the wall for an urban modern accent. Find it on Plasticland. $18.00

floating shelves into a nook 12 decorating ideas

Floating shelves as a decorating ideas, into a nook.

Via Loft and cottage

corner floating shelves 19 decorating ideas

Corner shelves.

Via elle decor

floating shelves 20 decorating ideas

diy floating shelf with drawer decorating ideas

DIY floating shelf with drawe. The drawers are only 2 inches deep, but they are perfect for paper! How to by not just a housewife.

bookcase floating shelves 18 decorating ideas

Sapien Bookcase designed by Bruno Rainaldi. When completely filled, it appears as though books are floating in air. For more than two decades, Bruno Rainaldi has been influencing the design scene in Milan. A unique solution for those with a lot of books and little space to store them.

led glass floating shelf 16 decorating ideas

LED glass floating shelf. These ones create majestic wall shelves decorating ideas with special lighting effects. They are extra chic and add a modern touch to your space. At night, the atmoshere is spectacular! The light coming out of these wall shelves makes them one of the most special wall shelves decorating ideas ever!

Via global market

reclaimed wood shelf floating 17 decorating ideas

Wood floating shelf.

Via little blue deer

black floating shelves blend in with the wall

Black floating shelves blend in with the wall.

Via DESIGN indulgences

wood floating shelves in kitchen

Hanging wall shelves. Find How to build a simple four-sided shelf that attaches to the wall with a sturdy metal bracket on plans now.

shelves near bed

Floating shelves make a nightstand.

kids room decor

Tree Branch Floating Bookshelves by Pepper Design.

small toilet

Floating shelves in a small bathroom.

Via 320 Sycamore

wood staircase

Floating shelves under the stairs.

stairs for shoes as decor

Ikea floating shelves are great for shoes!

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