Here’s Why Benjamin Moore’s Pale Oak Is Interior Designer’s Favorite Paint Color

As most interior designer’s know, Benjamin Moore’s Pale Oak is one of the most used colors when it comes to design. It’s a blend of gray and beige which doesn’t seem exciting but actually is one of the most versatile colors for interiors today. With the softest hint of warmth, it’s the perfect light, warm gray color.

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The brand manager of color marketing and development at Benjamin Moore classified this colors as delicately balancing between warm and cool and bringing endless adaptations into any space. The touch of warmth in the color brings a soothing and inviting quality that helps it from looking too cold.


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Pale Oak Benjamin Moore

The muted hue is a popular choice for designers who may be looking for a backdrop that is low-key but makes a statement. The soft shade can also be used in almost any room. It also provides enough contrast to the white trim without calling for too much attention. One thing to keep in mind about this shade though, in rooms that have a lot of natural lighting, Pale Oak may read as more of an off-white shade. In this type of space it may be best to use a brighter white trim to create contrast.


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Using Pale Oak

For designers or homeowners interested in using this shade, it’s best to choose styles that may lend themselves more to the elegance and subtlety of the shade. Design styles such as modern, minimal, bohemian, and transitional offer the best palettes and textures to truly complement this shade. Whether using rich wood furniture in a room or using a light-filled room with a bright white trim, this neutral does the trick. In some cases, designers will even paint Pale Oak as a base coat and then cover with another light shade to enjoy the dual tones that both provide to a space.

The undertones of pink and its warm cast make Pale Oak a flexible shade. It works well with greens, pinks, and reds especially so these are popular colors to use in a space that is painted with Pale Oak. It can be used in small spaces to brighten them but many designers prefer to use it in an open-plan spaces where the rooms are connected but may lack architectural elements to define each space.

The only time that it may not be desirable is when the homeowner doesn’t enjoy its basic undertones. The purple-pink undertones may not be a favorite of every person. It may appear to be a simple neutral on the surface but once it fills a space, the undertones are going to stand out more. It may be a good idea to test the color in a space to determine if the homeowner really does like it before painting the room or home with this shade.

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In general, Pale Oak by Benjamin Moore is a favorite choice by interior designers and with good reason. This versatile shade works well for a number of spaces and design styles. While it may not be the perfect choice for everyone, there is a reason why this is a popular tool in a designer’s toolbox.

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