10 Best Light Wall Paint Colors

Light colours have always been the favourite when choosing to paint a room. So much, in fact, that in the most recent years they have become outdated due to over use, and many people are opting to paint their rooms in darker colours for a more “modern” and “trendy” look.

Have you been wondering about the best light wall paint colors? Check the best light wall paint colors and how they can enhance the various spaces of your home.

Image: Posters Store, Art Gallery from left: Green Palm Leaves No1 19.7″ x 27.6″, Dried Flower 19.7″ x 27.6″, Elephant on the Road 19.7″ x 27.6, Marrakech Arches 19.7″ x 27.6 in 27.6″ x 39.4″ passepartout, Nature 19.7″ x 27.6, Green Palm Leaves No2 19.7″ x 27.6 (All in their oak frame).

Similar Wall Paint Color: Benjamin Moore, AMERICAN WHITE, Bench: IKEA Stockholm 2017 Coffee table (Currently unavailable), Indoor Plant: Areca

10 Best Light Wall Paint Colors

Light blue color wall paint home office
  • Light blue

Light blue color wall paint add a real calming effect to any space. Thus, if you want a space that is tranquil and that will yet revitalize you. Light blue is also a nice color for your home office. It tends to make your home office more professional and elegant.

Image: Interior Design: Jennifer Pacca Interiors, Wall paint color: Benjamin Moore Blue Lace 1625

transitional kitchen with Light coffee - Caramel color wall paint
  • Light coffee – Caramel

Light coffee or caramel color wall paint is a wonderful way to add warmth to your space. Therefore, this is a great color to paint your walls with during the fall season or the winter season. It will be cold outside, but you can have a sense of coziness and warmth inside with this lovely paint color. This color is ideal for your kitchen.

Image: Interior Design: Camelot Homes, Wall paint: Sherwin Williams 7035 Aesthetic White

bedroom with Light peach color wall paint
  • Light peach

Light peach color wall paint can do so much for various rooms in your home. It is also a nice color to add to your bathroom that will make it look immediately refreshed. Also, light peach is welcoming in your dining room and entry way.

Image: Wall paint color: Peach Parfait by Benjamin Moore

dining room Light grey color wall paint
  • Light grey

Light grey color is a great neutral color. Try to paint light grey the dining room of your home. Light grey will blend great with natural wood and most accent colors of your decor.

Image: Interior Design: Martha O’Hara Interiors, Photography: Susan Gilmore, Paint color: Benjamin Moore’s 1536 Northern Cliffs.

small ;living room with Light cream and dark green color wall paint
  • Light cream

If your home now seems tired and needs a newly refreshed look, then a light cream color wall paint can bring the vitality to your home that you crave. This is a splendid option if your walls have been dark for a long time when you are looking for a more airy vibe for your home now.

Image: Interior Design: nune, Paint colors: Benjamin Moore Cloud White 967 (it looks a little darker because of the shadowing) and Newburg Green

Elegant bedroom photo with green walls
  • Light green

Green is the color of life, of renewal and harmony. Light green can be stunning in the master bedroom. Check The 26 Best Bedroom Wall Colors.

Image: Interior design: Cyndi Parker Interiors, Paint Color:  Sea Salt from Sherwin Williams, Curtains: IKEA Dagny (Unavailable).

light tell teenage girls bedroom
  • Light teal

When your teenager wants a renewed look for his or her room a light teal color is a viable option. Then if your teen eventually moves out as a young adult going to college, the teal color will still be nice for the space if you decide to use it for a guest room.

Image: Interior design: Karen B Wolf Interiors, Wall Paint: SW 6763 Retiring Blue

light purple teenage girls bedroom idea
  • Light purple

Light purple color wall paint is a good choice when you want a space to look new and uplifted. Above all, it is the shade to choose when you want to add drama to a space. Light purple paint is also nice in a teenage girl’s bedroom.

Image: Interior design: Karen B Wolf Interiors, Wallpaper: Manila Hemp Blossom Phillip Jeffries.

Light pink color wall paint bathroom
  • Light pink

Light pink is charming as a color for your walls. Above all, it can make any space seem more cheerful. It is a lovely choice for a bathroom.

Image: Interior design: CVG architects, Similar wall paint: Benjamin Moore Pink Cadillac

 timeless formal cream and light brown living room with stone fireplace and high ceiling
  • Light brown

If you are looking for a way to add more elegance to a space, then consider using light brown color wall paint. It adds more beauty to many spaces.

Image: Interior design: Regas Interiors, Photography: Woodie Williams, Color Paint: Benjamin Moore Manchester Town

However, light colours are so well loved and popular for a reason, and they have many benefits.

Pros of Painting Rooms with Light Colors:

  1. They are the safe choice: If you are going to spend hours on end in a particular room, you want to be looking at walls in a colour that is not too offensive to your eyes. Lighter colours rarely clash with furniture, making them into a great choice (specially if you are on a budget).
  2. Colour theory: Colour theory tells us that every colour elicits a particular emotion in us: red excites us and opens our appetite, blue calms us down and enhances our focus, purple is good for creativity… and while saturated, darker colours might bring forth those emotions too strongly, making us feel irritated and annoyed; lighter colours give off a soft, calm and welcoming impression which will make your house extra cozy.
  3. More light: Darker, saturated colours tend to not reflect light very well; however, lighter colours help the light bounce off the walls and help your house look like it is getting more sunlight than it actually has (which is particularly great if you live in a house with tiny windows).
  4. They can help your house feel bigger: Neutral, lighter colours can make your rooms feel bigger as they blend the edges of walls and make them less noticeable to the eye. They can also make ceilings seem taller 


All in all, darker colours might be more trendy right now, but you can never go old with the old reliable, crowd favourite light colours.

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