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The 26 Best Bedroom Wall Colors

gray and white bedroom wall colors

If you’re in need of some ideas when choosing bedroom wall colors, there are hundreds from which you can choose. In this piece, we’ll offer 26 bedroom wall colors to consider, to help spark life, add pop, or simply give your bedroom a new aura and appearance, since the last time you painted on a fresh coat. Consider a few of these great options.

Inspiring bedroom wall colors

Image: little house of four

Bohemian pale bedroom wall colors

Pale Pallet

Pale isn’t dull; it’s an invitation to create. With this option, you are in complete control of how to decorate around the walls. Plus, the clean and soft tone won’t reflect light or cause distractions when you’re trying to sleep at night.

special mirror design in bedroom


A black rug or dark accent wall with peach is a great combination that will really stand out in your bedroom. It’s perfect with a pale blue shade or mint green accent wall. And, it works well with virtually any shade/material of furniture. The right throw/accent rug will really bring any space together.

Image: hello

white bedroom

Light Lilac

This muted pastel shade is comforting and calming. This is exactly what you want when choosing the best bedroom colors to repaint your bedroom. It also works well with white, black, yellow, blue, or any other artistic pieces you want to add to your bedroom. The options are endless with this calming finish.

Image:  molly howe design 

shades of grey used as bedroom wall colors

Pale Beige

It’s warm, subtle, it’s versatile, and it looks clean. Beige isn’t boring, even if it does have the word pale in front of it. With the crisp and bright interior, and a large space, this will create an airy, light feeling in your bedroom, you’re going to love each time you step foot into it.

wooden flooring and yellow wall


If you like yellow, but can’t find the perfect shade, marigold might be that shade! It works magnificently with blue and green accent pieces, a large beige lamp/shade, and pairs well with subtle shades of white or beige throughout the bedroom.

different bedroom wall colors like white and grey

Pale Blue

This is perfect for beach-inspired decor. Add an anchor to your wall, or soft oceanic tones and art pieces in the bedroom. Or, add warm brown furniture throughout the bedroom to create a calming effect in the space. If you love the ocean, this is a great shade for your bedroom.

light grey bedroom wall color with gold touches

Light Grey

A light grey will give your bedroom a soft, icy edge. You can pair it with elegant, gold touches, to bring the space together. An olive or jade color palette and accent wall, would work wonders to create a visual masterpiece with this tone.

brown and white colors in bedroom


This option is great for those who like to create. Cream is neat, clean, and it is a little darker than white. So, your bedroom will have a hint of something unique, and you can pair it well with any accent piece or furniture.

Image: a taste of koko

white and sand color for your bedroom

Beach Theme/Sand

Live by the water? Love the beach? Bring it to your bedroom. The color of sand (lighter yellow/tan) is a great option for your bedroom wall colors. It’s comforting and helps you relax; that’s what you want at night, isn’t it?

Image: starfish cottage

minty green bedroom wall color

Minty Green

Summer, dreams, ocean… these are a few of the many thoughts that come to mind with this color. It’s elegant and soft, yet bold and calls attention to the space. You can pair it well with brown or black, so regardless of the furniture you have in the space, it’ll come together well with this shade.

dark wall colors

Warm Brown

Highlighted with gold accents, borders, white pillows, and a soothing blue accent wall, you can bring any bedroom space together. The warmer tone also creates a calming effect, which is perfect to help you sleep at night.

Image: Pelizzari Studio

bright blue walls and a white bed

Sky Blue

This icy blue shade makes a statement, is calming, and it doesn’t overpower the space. It’s easy on the eyes, and pairs well with other bold colors, lighter hues, or anything in between. Make a statement wall, an accent wall, or paint the entire room this calming color.

navy blue bedroom wall color


This is one of the best bedroom wall colors to create a balanced bedroom space. It can serve as an accent wall and give off a bold, captivating environment. It works well with whites, grey, yellow, and punctuates the space by calling attention to the deep color from a distance.

blush pink bedroom wall color

Blush Pink

Dusty rose, mauve, creamy tones, and elegant beige accents, will help bring this space together. It’s light, calming, and creates a tonal anchor for the furniture and accent pieces you choose to add to your bedroom.

Image: Kvarteret Makleri

photo frames and a white bed

Purple Dream

The word dream’s in the title, it must be good for your bedroom, right? A lighter shade of purple is calming and inviting. It pairs well with black or brown, so you can choose the perfect accent pieces and furniture for the space, based on personal preference when redecorating.

Image: color & chic

natural colors for bed


The bright color is eye-catching, and will make you happy just looking at it. Whether it’s the kids bedroom or your own, if you need pop, fresh, and invigorating, look no further when choosing bedroom wall colors.

Image: @SIXAT21

special color combination for bedroom

Cranberry Red

It’s bold, but it’s elegant. It’ll look great with black, white, brown, and even neutral decor in the bedroom. Make an accent wall, or go big and paint the entire bedroom this color.

Image: Fanny Prat 

green walls

Emerald Green

Your bedroom will pop. It’s rich, inviting, warm, and elicits a happy feeling all in the same breath. It pairs well with white or browns, and makes the perfect backdrop for your unique art pieces.

Image: apartment therapy

white walls

Bright White

Nothing looks cleaner or more inviting. Plus, it’s one of the best bedroom wall colors for the creative mind and spirit. It’s your canvas, and you can choose other pieces/decor to accentuate that bold, bright color.

Image: Kimber Interiors

sage green bedroom

Sage Green

Sage is a great option for a ceiling, border trimming, or the entire bedroom. It’s calming, elegant, exciting, and helps open up the space. Pair it with different shades of brown to capture that outdoor feeling, inside your bedroom.

sparkling silver bedroom

Sparkling Silver

The monochromatic color is perfect with wooden flooring, dark wooden furniture, or a bright blue accent wall. It really creates a clean and elegant living space.

violet bedroom


For those who don’t want to overpower a bedroom, this is a great choice. It’s light, calming, works well with lighter shades, and you can paint the entire bedroom violet, or a couple of accent walls this color, to bring the space together. It’s subtle, and works well with layering.

Image: m. kunyakina

bold black bedroom

Bold Black

This is the epitome of chic and stylish. Black paint, headboards, accent walls, and a small border white along the floorboard, will really distinguish your bedroom for the rest of your home.

creamy yellow bedroom

Creamy Yellow

Creamy yellow will help you feel happy and warm every time you step into your bedroom. The walls pop, and you can add colors to help balance out the brightness in darker tones/hues with shades, lamps, and furniture.

Image: House & Home

slate grey bedroom

Slate Grey

Throw in some brown furniture, warm plush carpeting, and a dark brown ceiling fan, and your bedroom will look like something right out of a magazine.

tan bedroom


This is the perfect option if you want balance in a bedroom. Paint opposing walls tan and add accent walls of a navy or dark blue shade to create pop. You’ll love the finish, and how bold your bedroom looks.

Image: @celeste.escarcega

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    Oh My God, I just got mesmerized by these designs, they are pretty amazing. I love all of them but the main thing is that I have to choose according to my location and exterior paint. I will take suggestions with a professional person which one will be best for my house. Thanks for your ideas.

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