How to Decorate a Neutral Living Room

When designing a neutral living room, the main obstacle is creating a room that feels warm and cozy while also using very limited furniture. Adding too many components can defeat the purpose of creating a neutral space.

However, while it seems like a difficult task at first, it is quite easy. You just have to focus on the simple aspects of minimalism and incorporating visually pleasing aesthetics. In this blog, we’ll provide you with the most important tips to create a neutral living room.

Create Soft Contrasts

Neutral designs usually use a single color. You can use soft contrasts, such as lighter and darker shades of the color of your choice, to create a subtle but effective variance. You should choose one main color for your entire living room and stick with it.

This style is usually referred to as monochrome. If you want a neutral living room, it is one of the easiest and most effective ways to do so. It is advisable to use pastel shades as it is easier to go with this style.

Avoid using opposite colors as it steps away from neutrality. The only contrasting colors that might work are shades of black, white, and grey.

Stick With Modern Furniture

A neutral living room, while not exactly minimalist, has a lot of similarities. You can use different styles such as Nordic, rustic, and even Scandanavian furniture in your living room.

As long as you pick pieces of furniture that aren’t too loud, you can easily create a neutral look. Avoid going for huge classical furniture that is usually placed in rooms as the main design.

Using different styles of furniture will work as long as it is in the same shade. It is important that even the accent wood matches with each other. With this simple trick, you can create a simple harmony.

Use Patterns And Textures

Since you cannot have big and loud decorations, you have to make every existing piece of furniture count. You can use patterns and textures to add variety and life to your living room. Mixing and matching different fabrics can create diversity in your living room, even if you are using the same color.

For example, you can use a velvet sofa and then add some linen pillows to contrast the texture. You can also use this in curtains, rugs, and even a few accents here and there.

Subtle Lighting

The best way to add lighting to your room is to make them seem invisible. You should forego the intricate lampshades and instead go for simple ones that will blend into the background. You can also add multiple soft lights instead of using a big bulb or chandelier in the middle of the room.


While creating a neutral room sounds hard at first, it can be done with ease as long as you stick to the basic principles. After perfecting the style, you can start experimenting and adding more colors and pieces of furniture without stepping away from the neutral style.

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