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How To Create A Dream Bedroom On A Budget

bedroom on a budget

Designing a bedroom is easy to accomplish even within budget. Mostly the amount you have plays a significant role in making your bedroom attractive and appealing depending on the design elements you purchase. However,with interior bedroom ideas some improvements in design can be achieved through imagination and innovation. (more…)

40 Gray Bedroom Ideas

gray and pink bedroom with copper lights

Let's start straight away with th emagical three words: grey bedroom ideas (or gray). Gray can be dramatic and still be subtle, making them cozy and comfortable without being boring or two dimensional. Gray indeed has many shades. You can aither have a drak grey room, a light grey room...

Recreate a French Style Bedroom

Recreate a French Style Bedroom

Pairing traditional French Country furniture with period style soft furnishings, relaxing, soft pastel shades and the occasional strategically placed flourish creates the perfect, undoubtedly feminine, ‘tres chic’ style French Country bedroom. A style which is both elegant and comforting at the same time, those looking for a bedroom décor idea which will create...

10 Small Bedroom Tips

small bedroom tips

A small bedroom usually offers several pain points when it comes to interior design and storage space. As such, many home owners are often challenged on how to ensure small bedrooms look just as elegant as their spacious counterparts. Below are ten simple and effective tips to make the best...