What Color To Paint Your Bedroom Walls?

Painting the walls is a personal way to beautify and vivify the interior. It might be the color that will catch everyone’s eye. Properly chosen wall colors can also visually change the dimensions of the room – that it, for example, looks much larger than it is. How to combine colors to get the right effect? What do you need to know when coloring? Are various ideas to paint a bedroom walIs only for the brave? What colour to paint bedroom walls? 

The bedroom wall colors

We spend almost a third of our lives sleeping. Although we are not aware of the environment while we sleep, a comfortable bedroom helps us fall asleep easier and also influences a more pleasant awakening. Many do not know how to achieve warmth and comfort, so bedrooms are often cold, empty, and cluttered with things.

Why? Because our bedroom is a stopover in the day, not a place where we spend time with pleasure. A good start to turning a bedroom into a cozy room is choosing the color of the walls. Here you will read about a few suggestions that can turn your bedroom into a comfortable oasis.

There are many combinations you could use to paint your bedroom walls. Since the plan is to present to you the best modern ideas, here are some of the best:


Green color wall bedroom

The freshness and naturalness that the green color brings to space make it the perfect choice for the space in which we sleep. Green has been proven to relax the observer, so the green walls of your bedroom will do a double task – it will calm you down and make the interior extremely sophisticated.

Image: grace in my space


Blue color wall bedroom

Pastel blue, ice blue, turquoise, and even gorgeous navy blue will create a relaxed and serene atmosphere in your bedroom. Given the elegance of different shades of this beautiful color, blue walls will fit perfectly into many decoration styles without sacrificing your relaxation.



Gray color wall bedroom

Although at first glance, gray seems like a boring color, it cannot be further from the truth. Among the many shades of this color can be found a variety of cooler and warmer grays that will present an eye-pleasing sight, and will go well with white and black in the space.



In recent years, wallpaper is returning to interiors in countless patterns, colors, and motifs. Be brave and decorate one of your bedroom walls with a carefully chosen wallpaper.

It is amazing how much depth and spaciousness can be obtained with wallpaper on one wall. Paint the other walls in a mild, neutral color that will match the colors on the wallpaper. Transfer the colors from the wallpaper to the curtain, bedding, and decorations around the room.

Image: Tawny Mural

Whatever color you choose, your bedroom should be a cozy oasis where you can easily fall asleep and wake up happy. Surround yourself with your favorite colors and cheerful accessories, let your bedroom become your corner to relax, read a book, or have your morning coffee on the weekends.

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