How To Decorate a Bedroom With Brown Walls

If you prefer earthier colors for your bedroom walls, there are plenty of bedroom ideas out there. But, brown is a special case you can use. Brown walls reflect less light to keep you awake at night. At the same time they provide you with a milder color scheme to wake up to in the morning. If this is what you want, then a bedroom with brown walls is ideal for you.

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Ways to decorate a brown-wall bedroom

brown-wall bedroom idea
brown bedroom wall with frames on it

Despite what you might have heard, brown can be a hard color to coordinate the rest of your bedroom with. So, here are a few suggestions on ways to decorate a bedroom with brown walls.

Image: My Scandinavian Home

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Use woodgrain furniture

If you have plain brown walls then adding some woodgrain furniture around the bedroom can provide some nice contrasting textures. The woodgrain you use should be a different shade of brown to avoid too much uniformity, however. If you have dark-brown walls then some lighter pine woodgrain might be the ticket. For light-brown walls, some walnut woodgrain may be what you want.

bedroom with dark brown walls and chandelier

Use hardwood flooring

Hardwood is another example of using woodgrain to provide an earthy contrast to plain brown walls. Many of the same rules apply. Because the floor and walls take up a large amount of surface area in your bedroom you should ensure that they are color-coordinated to provide some contrast against each other.

If you don’t want to use actual hardwood flooring then you still have plenty of alternatives that give you the same result. Modern vinyl and linoleum flooring can be textured to look almost identical to actual woodgrain, and are usually easier on the environment. They are also cheaper to install if you don’t already have hardwood floors, and you have more options with the colors and textures you can choose from.

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Add some fur rugs and pillows

The earthiness of the color brown lends itself to other earthy components for your bedroom. Fur gives your bedroom a comforting natural look that softens the geometry of the room. It’s also great to walk around on a fur rug when you get up in the morning or are relaxing ready for bed.

You can use fur in a few different places in your bedroom. A fur rug can be a great choice to complement hard flooring. Fur pillowcases can be comfy to rest your head on. If you have seating in your bedroom then fur covers will be great to lounge on.

You don’t have to use real fur of course. You can find plenty of fake fur options that don’t require an animal to be killed just so you can walk around in comfort. These faux-fur options are also often cheaper than real fur and have more choices available in terms of the shapes you can use for rugs and similar items.

white and brown bedroom

Use white linen

You need a few pieces of lighter colored decoration in your brown bedroom to break things up. Linen is a good place to apply this lighter touch. White bedding and furniture upholstery will provide some nice contrast with the darker tones around them and stop your bedroom from being overbearingly dark.


Use rope-wrapped furniture finishes

Rope-wrapped finishes are a great look for things such as lamp bases, dustbins, and furniture frames. These provide you with a natural complement for your brown walls while keeping to an organic earthy look for your bedroom.

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