11 Ways to Make a Lovely Bedroom

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The bedroom is a sanctuary where you return after a hard day’s work for some much-needed peace of quiet. It’s also where you spend your lazy weekend mornings, all nestled up in your bedsheets. Your bedroom should reflect your personality and be cozy and comfortable enough to feel like a dreamy retreat. Luckily, with a few tips and tricks up your sleeve, it’s easy to learn how to make a lovely bedroom, your bedroom!

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1. Try Wallpapers

While it’s always best to stick to a limited color palette when you’re painting the walls of the bedroom, who says you can’t still be a bit bold? Removable wallpapers are a great way to add some color or texture to your walls. Whether it’s floral or geometric, you can play with whatever pattern you like and remove it when you get tired of it. But don’t overdo it – stick to only one wall. This is how people make a lovely bedroom easy and fast!

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2. Bring in Antique Pieces

Contemporary furniture is all about simplicity and functionality. While that’s great, this design can appear a bit dull. A great way to beautify your bedroom is to purchase vintage pieces of furniture or accessories. These beautifully crafted objects are not only eye-catching but often less expensive than new products. Plus, it’s a more sustainable way of shopping.

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3. Brighten up the Room

If you’re not one of those fortunate people that have huge windows all across the wall, you may feel like your bedroom is lacking in natural light. This can be easily fixed by placing a large mirror to the wall adjacent to or across from the window. You’ll be amazed by how much it changes everything, how it brings more light into the room and creates the illusion of it being more spacious. This trick creates beautiful and unique bedroom ideas you can implement at your own place!

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4. Add a Plush Carpet

One of the most inviting and cozy floor finishes is without a doubt a soft carpet. The feeling of sinking your feet into something warm and squashy is the greatest thing ever. Especially when your feet feel really tired. Add a soft rug to the center of your bedroom and your room will instantly feel cozier.

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5. Hang some Art on the Walls

Art is a great way to add some color to your bedroom. Instead of just leaving the walls plain, consider hanging some paintings or photographs. They don’t have to be expensive pieces by famous painters or photographers. They should simply reflect your personality and the things you enjoy. In fact, what makes a lovely bedroom lovely is the ornaments you choose.

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6. Go Wild with the Bedding

Something as basic as bedding can make or break the style of your bedroom. Plain bedding is boring, so why not spice it up a bit? With so many designs available, it’s easy to introduce a splash of color or a cool pattern. Don’t be afraid to add some texture, either. You can also mix up different styles for a more eclectic look.

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7. Declutter

If you have way too many objects scattered across the whole bedroom, consider purchasing a fitted floor-to-ceiling shelving unit where you can place all your books and other personal items. It makes the most of the available space and you get to display your belongings without them getting in your way.

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8. Create the Perfect Nook

If you want to bring even more coziness into your bedroom, a reading nook or a small home office where you can sit with your favorite book and a cup of tea or coffee is the perfect solution. And all it takes is a cozy armchair or a beanbag, a standing lamp, and a small coffee table.

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9. Bring Life in

Plants generate oxygen and filter the air, which is something you want in a room where you spend so much of your time. They will help you breath better, thus sleep better. There are plenty of low-maintenance leafy beauties that can brighten up your room.

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10. Decorate Your Headboard

The headboard is the centerpiece of the bed, so it should look good and complement the rest of the room. If there’s nothing fascinating about your old headboard, let your imagination run free and decorate it as you please. Make this a fun DIY project where you paint and upholster your headboard with a quality fabric that matches the aesthetic of the rest of the room.

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11. Remove the Unnecessary

A bedroom overcrowded with furniture and home décor objects can feel disorganized. Take a moment to look at your room with a fresh eye and remove one or more pieces that take out space with bringing functional or aesthetic values. Removing even the smallest of objects can make a huge difference. Less clutter will only give the room a more spacious feeling, which is always something to be desired.

We hope these tips gave you some insight on how to make a lovely bedroom. Try them and let us know in the comments below whether they worked for you or not!

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