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20 Romantic Bedroom Ideas

romantic bedroom 3 interior design ideas

Bedroom is where you and your spouse retreat for rest, relaxation, and romance.Your bedroom may just be the most important room in your home. A romantic bedroom is everyone's decorating fantasy. When it comes to creating a romantic space, you want the room to feel open and inviting. These 20...

13 Beds Made by Pallets

Beds Made by Pallets 6

Pallets recycling is an easy and much cheaper way to furnish and decorate your home! There are lots of ways you can use pallets and turn them unto something unusual, beautiful and very useful. My favorite way is Bed - Pallets. Take a look!

Bedroom Wall Decoration Ideas

attic bedroom with tyrquoise wall desor

Sick of staring at a cold, stark, empty wall? Wall decoration often means finding something of your taste that brings meaning to your room. A secret to well-designed bedrooms are often in the wall detailing. Transform an ordinary bedroom to an inspirational room with a wall decor of motivational quotes and ideas. Check out these Bedroom Wall Decoration Ideas! (more…)

Lime and Purple Bedroom

lime and purple bedroom 2

Rather than blues, neutrals or even plain white, Olga Tcherednikova’s psychedelic bedroom blends lemon yellow, purple and lime green. There’s some white in there as well, but it’s more of an accent than anything else. Could you get a good night’s sleep with this color scheme? Via TRENDHUNTER

10 Fabulous Bedrooms

  So what makes a bedroom fabulous? It is the color palette, the beautiful linens, the plush pillows. Yes, but it is much more than this. A fabulous bedroom is a restful place that makes you relax and unwind. Whatever does that for you is what your bedroom should be....

French Bedroom

    Via furniture reporter A French bedroom has a very elegant look to it. This doesn't mean that it has to cost a lot of money. It can really give you an opulent hotel feeling. It's the perfect decorating solution if you've never been able to afford your dream...

Eclectic Bedrooms

Eclectic is the predominant style of the moment, speaking to people wanting to be more individual by not following any one trend 100 percent, which creates spaces that are unique and tailored to the individual. Check out Eclectic Bedrooms. (more…)