Feng Shui Tips for a Northwest Facing Bedroom

When it comes to applying the principles of feng shui to your bedroom, you need to consider the orientation of the room inside the house as well as its orientation of the room itself. The good news is for a bedroom that’s facing northwest, this is considered to be the most yang or creative of all the directions. It signifies helpful people and travel.

For a general idea of design principles, this direction’s element is metal with a white color. If the room is facing in this direction, then you may want to avoid red and orange which are the fire colors as well as greens which are the colors of wood. For more specific design principles, these tips can help you decide on the various elements for your home.

Northwest Facing Bedroom: Feng Shui Tips

Basic Color Considerations

Although you should consider some variations in color, having white walls is a good idea. This color accentuates the qualities that the northwest can bring into your life through the bedroom. Grey, white, gold and silver will work to temper the creative power of the northwest placement.

If you find that white is too stark of a color to have in your bedroom, then you may want to consider the other metal or earth feng shui element colors.

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Art and Decorative Choices

While the basic elements of the room may tend to be a simple white, the art in your space can be more creative and should also follow feng shui principles. Art with a strong metal element energy can be a great asset. Consider metal sculptures or metal wall art. If you’re not interested in those pieces, then consider having metal frames for your artwork. In general, you should look for art that expresses the energy of being grateful. Images that focus on the blessings in your life are optimal. If you can, avoid the fire colors in this area.

Earth elemental art is a great choice for your decorative elements. Look for crystals, clay figurines, terracotta pieces, and artwork or photos that features landscapes. These are good examples of earth element art that works well in this particular space. Travel images or photos of people who have been a blessing to you will support the energy of gratefulness and travel in your bedroom.

Additional Design Elements

Although your designing may be limited or expanded depending on the size of the room and your own personal preferences, you may also want to consider the lighting and sculptural elements of the room. Tall lights are considered to be a good feng shui element for this orientation. Look for lights that are more vertical for the bet choices. Additionally, any sculptures or decor items work well when they are tall and in the element colors.

One great design tip for a northwest facing bedroom is to have a beautiful mirror in place to reflect the light in the room. Avoid having the mirror face the bedroom entrance or the bed itself. A round mirror or slightly oval one is best with a metallic frame in one of these colors. A well-placed mirror will strengthen the feng shui element in the area without draining any positive ennergy.

You may want to avoid the fire ad water feng shui element shapes such as triangles, stars, curves, and waves. Decorating in this area will weaken the other design elements. For any bed linens or fabrics in the bedroom, avoid any materials that have these elements for the best results.


Now that you have some essential northwest bedroom colors and feng shui elements, you can create a room with great energy. These tips can be tailored to your bedroom’s size and your own aesthetic as well. In general, these colors and shapes as well as other tips will give you a strong foundation for creating a room that will be cohesive and promote good energy.

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