10 Ways To Personalize Your Small Bedroom

If you have a big bedroom this might not be the post for you. Instead it is for those of us that love small comfortable spaces. Here are 10 ways to personalize your small bedroom and turn it into the room of your dreams. Check the easy steps below and get ready for unexpected tricks you can use.

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How to personalize a small bedroom

Now, you might have seen many blog posts about bedroom ideas. The majority of them cover topics and ideas related to normal or big rooms. And this has got you thinking: what about small rooms? If you have been thinking about it, this post is the right for you. Here you will find the best ways to make your small bedroom match your personality and preferences.

1) Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are great because they don’t only look great, but they also save you space. There are so many types of shelves to buy or if you’re handy and love DIY, you can easy make them yourself and add so much personality.

earth colors in small bedroom

2)A Beautiful Rug

A rug can transform your space immensely and add quite a bit of character to any space. Shaggy, Aztec, farmhouse etc. There are endless designs to choose from.

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3) Beside Storage

Space is important if you have a small bedroom. The ability to have more of it, is always a great thing. A beside storage compartment tucked under your mattress saves you space by holding your books and phone right beside you; how unique!

wall decal calendar

4)Wall Decal Calendar

A great wall decal calendar isn’t only functional but also full of personality. This is a piece of design you can go all out for because there are so many choices to choose from whether, colour, texture, font, pattern etc. This way you can have plenty of alternatives when you personalize your small bedroom.

Tip: Alwaas choose the ones that best fit your preferences. Otherwise, would there be any point in doing this? Of course not!

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5) Decorative Mirrors

Adding a decorative mirror to a room can create the illusion of more space. With so many choices in shape, size and design you’ll find one that’s just right for your style.

ottoman in bedroom

6) A smaller Ottoman for extra seating

Maybe not the big chunky one but small ottomans can be a great addition to a small space that’s lacking personality. Ottomans can also double as storage if you purchase one with a lid. They come in many designs and shapes and if you’re very ambitious it could make for a great DIY project to make one.

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indoor plants in small bedroom

7) Plants

Opt-out for the large houseplants; that’s what living rooms are for. On the other hand for a small space like your bedroom, consider a small plant such as a cactus or bamboo. When choosing your vase go for one that has character instead of just a plain one. A great pop of colour is always refreshing especially in a small space like that.

8) Decorative Pillows

Pillows are useful in any room! If you’re wanting to add personality in your bedroom pillows are perfect. Pillows can make your room more inviting and adds a great pop of colour. You can find virtually any design of pillow and pillowcases.

minimal frames in small bedroom

9) Artwork

Let your wall speak for itself with beautiful artwork. If you do add artwork to your walls opt-in for smaller pieces so that your wall size is exaggerated. If you strategically place art on your wall it can drastically transform your space.

Image: apartment apothecary

10) Wallpaper

If you want to make a big impact with a small space opt-in for some wallpaper. Adding Wallpaper is a great design element that can instantly turn your room into something else. A brighter wallpaper for a smaller room makes the most sense as it can open your space. Try to only use wallpaper for one accent wall in your room instead of putting in on all the walls; that can be over kill.

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