65 Adorable Christmas Table Decorations

Christmas is favorite time of the year for a lot of people. Undoubtedly, this dinner is one of the most important meals of the year. Decorating the table is a great way to make the day even more memorable. There are plenty of ideas: shades of colors, patterns, centerpieces and various tableware. Someone should consider many things when it comes to Christmas table decorations. It may range featuring centrepieces, candles & votive, confetti or ornaments.

The list is endless! And if you have run out of ideas on how to decorate on Christmas Eve this post can be of help!

Ideas on Christmas table designs

During Christmas holiday you have some more time yo consider several things for your Christmas decorations. The dinner table you arrange every year is equally important, if not the most important one. Your whole family will gather together so you want something special, and maybe something different than the previous year. To add some refreshing elements that will be owe inspiring, check out some ideas below.

Place cards on the table or name tags

Christmas plates with pinecones

Dress up a simple plate setting with a pinecone and name tag cut from scrapbook paper. Attach it to a whitewashed pinecone studded with silver dragees and viola! A simple way to make your table more festive! This is especially useful for when you have many guests. It is a creative way to let everyone know where they are sitting.

Photo by Matthew Mead

Choose a red theme

red decor and napkins

Add a bit of romance to your holiday table with resoundingly red decorations. Among other occasions, red is associated with Christmas table decorations. You can even combine it with dark green for a completely festive table decor. If you need more inspiration, don’t hesitate to check out more Decorating Ideas for other occasions as well!

red flowers and other elements on table

Red color makes every table look stunning! You can choose different ornaments or objects that you want red. Such as, placing some red roses on plates, using red colored glasses or red centerpieces.

Go for a white theme

white and golden elements on table decorations

Another theme that is worth trying, is white theme. This will add a luxurious touch to your Christmas table decorations. You can play it up with some other details, like silver or gold. The combination is definitely chic and modern. It gives your table freshness and minimalism. If you like white color you will love this color blocking!

white and silver decorations for Christmas

Chair and table clothing are also a game-changer. They cover the parts of the dinner table setting that people will definitely notice. And with pairing those you will have a great and wonderful Christmas table!

champagne and fruits for Christmas

You can add white in literally every part of the decoration. This color highlights purity, transparency and gives the table a dreamy holy touch that matches the season.

Make use of Christmas balls

purple balls on the table

Christmas balls are not only for the Christmas tree, we assure you! You might as well use them as Christmas table decorations. They truly make the table look cozier and more inviting. You can also use them as the “blooming” flowers on that old vase you might have and not used for some time. Balls fit everywhere!

Add some greenery

greenery idea for table decor

A green and brown table can be a welcome departure from the traditional red and green of the season. Earthy tone palettes are ready to decorate your table appropriately. These beautiful colors make for those who want to have an unusual Christmas decor.

To top it all off, place some greenery as your centerpiece. This way you will give your Christmas table a more natural style that definitely doesn’t go unnoticed.

plants used as table centerpiece

You can choose the plant of your personal preference. Just make sure it isn’t something too big and distracting. People sitting in front of one another should be able to see and talk to each other!

Creative candle centerpiece

purple candles in candleholders on a table

Centepieces are great, especially for Christmas table decorations! Whether they are more minimal or “heavier”, they are all beautiful and modern. A good centerpiece idea is candles, of course! Candles are one of the top ornaments fir Christmas tables, after all. So, clean your favourite candleholders you probably forgot they existed and off you go!

Place the candles of your choice in the center and there you will have it! A great Christmas table idea!

Add wishes for your guests

written wishes for christmas table decor

Is there anything better and more personal than adding some wishes for every guest? This will definitely put a smile on their face and will be a memorable action of yours. Adjust every Christmas card based on the receiver and place them near their plates. It’s a fantastic idea and trust us, they will love it!

Golden details

white and golden details on the table

Gold is another Christmas color you can use. If you like sparkles, shiny decorations and luxurious yet fancy looks, this is for you. This color perfectly matches white backgrounds and gives the space an artistic look. You can choose golden culinary pieces, Christmas balls, candles or other complementary objects of your table setting.

Go for the usual colors

adorable christmas table decorations 11 ideas

When you think of Christmas, the colors that probably pop up into your head are the fir’s green and the bold berries’ red. Despite the rest of the Christmas table decorations, you can still go for the usual ones. Balls, ribbons, jingles and decorative Christmas trees are a great way to start and decorate your table.

Let the magic of the mistletoe be the focal point of your Christmas table. The kids will love it, as they are more used to this kind of decoration. Add some fancy details such as candy canes that will brighten up the decor.

adorable christmas table decorations 20 ideas

You can even choose these colors when it comes to your table clothing. There is no such thing as overdoing it!

adorable christmas table decorations 29 ideas

Via kedem

Use Christmas trees

adorable christmas table decorations 12 ideas

Christmas trees can really be of help in case you want to place some nice ornaments on the table. They can come in many forms, sizes, colors and..materials. What we mean by that, is that you can place some candy Christmas trees for decor.

adorable christmas table decorations 13 ideas

Or if this doesn’t suit you, you can just place some regular Christmas trees around the table for an extra cozy environment. If you set your table near the fireplace, it’s way better. The Christmas vibes will feel more real!

Via home & garden

adorable chrismas table decorations 30 ideas
adorable chrismas table decorations 32 ideas

Let there be stars

adorable christmas table decorations 14 ideas

Stars are also another part of your Christmas table decorations that you should consider. They make any indoor look shiny and glamorous. Especially if you use golden stars, this will make things way easier for you if you want something like that. You can use them on the table or you can even hang them for the ceiling for something a little more special.

adorable christmas table decorations 52 ideas

Or place them on the wall for some nice effect. Starry walls are perfect for cases like this!

adorable christmas table decorations 47

And also you can combine them with some hanging lights to highlight this incredible effect they create even more!

Via ideemag

Put flowers on the table

adorable christmas table decorations 15 ideas

Flowers have a beauty of their own, and make for perfect elements for your table. Whether you choose them as a centerpiece or just adding some in several spots of the table, the result will be amazing. For example in the above picture you can see how they perfectly they incorporate as a centrepiece as well as decorating the candles.

adorable christmas table decorations 66 ideas

Some plates and candles of this type will also do the trick. They add a vivid touch and make your table look just fantastic!

Via Martha Stewart

adorable chrismas table decorations 34 ideas

You can even use them in vases to make them more distinguishable. If that’s the first thing you want your guests to notice, placing them in vases is a great idea to follow.

Add different details

adorable christmas table decorations 16 ideas

From candles to vases, Christmas balls and other decorative objects, the list is endless. You can mix them altogether and create a style that will be remembered. The table will feel fuller and warmer, thus making it more lovable to your family and guests.

Colored glasses

adorable christmas table decorations 65 ideas

If you want something different, then try placing some colored glasses on your table. Even though it doesn’t seem like a huge thing to do, it makes much difference. Whether you have already colored details on the table or not, the colored glasses really make the table more special. Try choosing the same color of the rest of the elements, like green or blue. However of the rest of the table is all white, find a favourite color to combine it and break the monotony. That could be anything from gold to red.

Add pearls

adorable blue and white christmas table decorations 14 ideas

This will also create some luxurious Christmas table decorations. You can place some pearls on the table, unevenly. Or even use them in your napkin decoration. Whatever you like.

festive table with red and white decorations
adorable light blue christmas table decorations 19 ideas

Via arch-nova

Check the napkin folding

adorable christmas table decorations 22 ideas

Napkins are part and parcel of the Christmas table. They help make the atmosphere even more festive. Choose some fancy napkin rings to make them look beautiful. There are so many styles you can choose from, simple and more impressive ones.

gold adorable christmas table decorations 50 ideas

From simple geometrical napkin rings to more fancy ones, like this one with a star on it. Honestly, you can even have some DIY napkin rings, with ribbons, wire and decorative little objects.

initial name letter on a napkin ring with wings

Consider placing the initial letter of a person’s name on the napkin ring. It’s another idea for having everything organized and chic at the same time.

adorable christmas table decorations 25 ideas

Napkin folding is also key. There are many tutorials on the internet you can watch in order to make some fantastic napkin folding. The result will amaze you and your guests as well. You can create literally everything by using a napkin.

special napkin folding

Decorative hanging elements

adorable chrismas table decorations 31 ideas

Even hanging stuff above the table is an approved idea you can follow. Start with choosing something that matches well with the rest of the decor. You definitely don’t want to have something on the ceiling that will break the harmony. And trust us, you want to have harmony in Christmas table decorations.

hanging candles from the ceiling
adorable christmas table decorations 55 ideas

Other color themes for Christmas table decorations

And now it’s time to get more inspiration with some other ideas that combine the rest of the ones mentioned here. Make good use of them and prepare for some incredibly good Christmas table decorations.

adorable christmas table decorations 26 ideas

adorable christmas table decorations 27 ideas

adorable christmas table decorations 35

Via lady

silver christmas balls and candles as centerpiece

Idea weddook

white adorable christmas table decorations 37 ideas

Via notredeco

adorable christmas table decorations 38 ideas

adorable christmas table decorations 39 ideas

adorable christmas table decorations 40 ideas

adorable christmas table decorations 41 ideas

silver and blue decor for table

Picture plurielles

adorable christmas table decorations 43 ideas

adorable christmas table decorations 44 ideas

adorable christmas table decorations 45 ideas

adorable christmas table decorations 48 ideas

adorable christmas table decorations 49 ideas

green adorable christmas table decorations 51 ideas

adorable christmas table decorations 53 ideas

adorable christmas table decorations 54 ideas

adorable christmas table decorations 57 ideas

adorable christmas table decorations 58 ideas

Via boda y protocolo

card names on plates

Photo decoracion2

angel wings on candles

vintage table decor

Is there something that really caught your eye? Share your thoughts in the comments below! Merry Christmas everyone!

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