40 TV Wall Decor Ideas

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So, you have finally decided to place your new flat screen on the wall, copying that TV wall design you saw the other day on the Net. But now you have a problem. You see, it might be cool and trendy to have your tv on the wall. But you now need to think about decorating around a tv when the flat screen itself becomes the dominant feature. In other words, how do you make sure that your TV wall decor compliments things? Rather than either fading into the background or becoming too dominant? To figure that out, take a look at these TV wall ideas to get inspiration.

Here are some tips for your TV wall design

TV wall design can be a difficult task to accomplish oftentimes. Why is that? Simply because there are many options out there that you can choose for your own case. From simple to more complicated situations there is a big variety for creating a good TV wall decor. Below we have gathered some of the most important things you should have in mind when making your choice.

Going Plain.

First, you could decide to keep things plain and simple and this is especially good if you are not only going for the large screen TV, but also a speaker system. Mount everything on the wall with chrome finishings. Then think about a single color on the wall to make it really stand out. Consider adding a mount for your DVD player as well just to complete the look. It is definitely one of the safest TV wall ideas.

Add A Large Floral Pattern for TV decoration.

Think about using this as a feature wall and decorate it as such by using a large floral pattern wallpaper. Try this whilst you keep the other walls in the room plain. Make sure that the wallpaper that you use is dark and offers a contrast with the other walls. One other thing to consider is to have the color of the wallpaper lighter if the mounts are dark or vice versa. And as simply as that you have created a beautiful TV wall design you will love!

Creating A Border Around The TV.

In order to add some depth to the TV wall decor consider using color to add a border around the TV. An option is to add a dark color as the border with a lighter color making up the rest of the wall. The reason why you should do this is that it will give some extra perspective and just help the wall to come alive. You may wish to use the large floral pattern TV wall idea instead of one solid color. But, due to the space that you will be using be careful not to go too big or the pattern will begin to really dominate.

Check out some TV on wall design ideas

Τhose were three main options that are available to you when you are thinking about  TV on wall ideas. As you can see, there are various ways in which you can take these ideas and adapt them to fit your own individual needs. There is no doubt that with some simple decor you can not only create one amazing wall, but finish off the entire lounge in a stylish and very modern way. Below you can spot some TV on wall ideas. Feel free to try whichever fits your needs, depending on your house design. And bear in mind that this isn’t only about the way you place your TV. There’s more to it. The key here is to find some wall decor ideas that will create the perfect result.

big TV on a drawer and light brown wall

Image: LiveLoveDIY

modern TV decoration
Wall Decor Ideas 4

Via: monogram

wood decoration in a TV area with yellow cabinet

Pallet wall.

floral mural with a TV

Chinese Chery Blossom Wallpaper For Wall

Wall Decor Ideas 7

Candle shelf

Wall Decor Ideas 8

8Image: De Waard

Wall Decor Ideas 9
Wall Decor Ideas 10

Gallery wall that surrounds the television.

Image: Domestic Fashionista

Wall Decor Ideas 11
Wall Decor Ideas 12
Wall Decor Ideas 13
Wall Decor Ideas 14
white living room with an enclosed TV

Idea: EVEN

Wall Decor Ideas 16

Image:love grows wild

Wall Decor Ideas 17

Via: Paddington WAY

Wall Decor Ideas 18

Image: Better Homes & Gardens

Wall Decor Ideas 19
Wall Decor Ideas 20

Old wood behind the tv on the wall and vintage suitcases for a unique tv decoration.

Wall Decor Ideas 21

Reclaimed Weathered Wood Panels is a great TV wall idea. Have you ever thought about it?

Photo: stikwood

Wall Decor Ideas 22
Wall Decor Ideas 23
Wall Decor Ideas 24

Image: Andrea Chicharo

marble background for decorating the TV area
Wall Decor Ideas 26

Art gallery wall around the TV.

Picture: Homey Oh My

Wall Decor Ideas 27

Image: casa abril

Wall Decor Ideas 28

Via: The Everygirl

Wall Decor Ideas 29

Picture: Liz Marie blog

Wall Decor Ideas 30
Wall Decor Ideas 31

Image: casa abril

Wall Decor Ideas 32
Wall Decor Ideas 33
Wall Decor Ideas 34
white living room with a TV on the corner
frames around a hanging TV in a living room

Idea: Brooklyn Limestone

bright TV area in a white wall and storage furniture table

Image: Amber Interiors

light blue furniture with shelves above the TV

Photo: A Diamond in the Stuff

TV decoration with vintage furniture around

Image: Southern Hospitality

small TV with decorative frames in the background

Via: the Hunted Interior


There are plenty of ideas when it comes to TV on the wall design! From simple and minimal to more complicated designs and ornaments. Find out which one best fits your preferences and use it at your own home. A TV on the wall design can really change the way your TV room looks like. It can add some freshness to an old design or even change the whole place dramatically. Make your choice today and off you go to a new design!

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