36 Impressive Christmas Table Centerpieces

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Get ready to impress your guests this Christmas with these 36 impressive Christmas table centerpieces. From traditional to modern, rustic to elegant, we’ve got you covered with a variety of stunning ideas to elevate your holiday décor. Whether you’re hosting a formal dinner or a cozy gathering with loved ones, these centerpieces will add the perfect touch of festive charm. From sparkling ornaments and twinkling candles to fresh greenery and vibrant flowers, there’s something for every style and taste. So, let your creativity shine and transform your dining table into a captivating focal point that will leave your guests in awe. Get inspired by these Christmas table centerpiece ideas and create a truly magical atmosphere this holiday season. Check out this collection of 36 Impressive Christmas Table Centerpieces and find how to decorate your holiday table.

Image: Philippa Craddock

1. Floral Christmas Table Centerpieces

floral christmas centerpieces 33

Tie red-and-white peppermint sticks around a vase with a red-and-white grosgrain ribbon. (Use a sturdy rubber band to hold the canes in place, or hot-glue them to an inexpensive vase). It’s a jolly presentation for usually formal red roses.

floral Christmas centerpieces 35
floral Christmas centerpieces 38

Via ProFlowers

2. Candy Christmas Table Centerpieces

candy tabletop topiary Christmas centerpieces 9

Candy Christmas Tree Topiaries made from sugar-coated jelly fruit slice candy.

Christmas cenerpieces 3  Christmas Candy Decorations

Fill glass containers with red and green peppermints. Cut out letters spelling a Christmas greeting, and secure them to the containers with tape.


Candy Cane Bouquet Christmas centerpieces 7

Candy Cane Bouquet.

2. Reindeer Christmas Table Centepieces

gold reindeer Christams table centerpiece

Image: SWEET rose & wren / Gold reindeer

For true elegance, add Christmas reindeer to your holiday table decorations.


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3. Christmas table centerpieces by ornaments.

Hanging ornaments Christmas centerpiceces 22

Hanging ornaments.

blue ornaments Christmas centerpieces 25
Christmas centerpiece by ornaments

Easy and festive holiday centerpiece

ornaments christmas table arrangements centerpieces 5

When you’re not putting your red pedestal dish to use serving delicious treats, use it as a fun table decoration. Layer the dishes with fake snow, then stack the dish with white ornaments and figurines.

4. Christmas table centerpieces by pine cones.

Christmas centerpieces by pine cones and apples 6

Various sizes of pine cones, apples and ornaments.


candlestick cones Christmas centerpices 17 ideas

Top silver candlesticks with silvery painted pinecones for an elegant display. Group several on a tray, and add some blue or silver ornaments for even more impact.

To paint pinecones, apply several thin coats of metallic silver spray paint.

Via Midwest Living

Christmas table centerpieces by pine cones

Via inspire bohemia

5. Fruit Christmas Table Centerpieces

Fruits' Christmas tree Centerpieces
green apples tower Christma centerpieces

Green apples are the perfect hue for an easy Christmas display. Fill a glass jar with apples; mix in loose greens for a wintry feel. Place container on a beveled edge mirror (that serves as a table runner). Fill in with additional greens, ball ornaments and candles of different sizes.

Via Midwest Living

red apple Christmas tree centerpieces 10 ideas
red and silver Christmas centerpieces 28
fruit Christmas centerpieces 39

Via ginger-and-garlic

6. Mini Tree Christmas Table Centerpieces

Mini Tree Christmas Table Centerpieces 13 ideas

Make a mini Christmas tree the focal point of the dinner table. For a simple, dreamy look, use a white artificial tree. Anchor it in a tin pail and adorn with white lights and paper stars or other all-white ornaments.


Simple Farmhouse Christmas Table

Paper Trees in white christmas centerpieces 16 ideas

Create an enchanted forest of paper trees using our free pattern and two sheets of letter-size white cardstock. Fold the two sheets of cardstock in half lengthwise. Use a pencil to trace the tree shape from the pattern onto each piece of cardstock, making sure the fold is in the same center location for each. Cut out the trees with a crafts knife. Stack the two tree shapes together, pierce the center fold with a needle, and sew the trees together with white thread. Position the four sides so the trees stand.


diy tree christmas centerpieces 27

7. Candles Table Centerpieces.

candles into silver branch Christmas centerpieces 21 ideas
candles Christmas centerpieces 18

Tie cinnamon sticks around your candles. The heated cinnamon makes your house smell amazing.

country candles Christmas centerpieces 20 ideas

Italian country Christmas Table Centerpiece.

Via Far Above Rubies

hanging candles centerpieces 31

Hanging Candles Above the Table.

candle Christmas centerpieces 32

Take some wine glasses, and some twigs with small fruit in them. Put the twig in the glass and invert it as shown in the picture. Get a small colorful candle and place it on the base of the glass. Place them in a group of two or three with different color candles all around the table.

Christmas candle centerpieces 29

8. Floating Candle Table Centerpieces

impressive Floating Candles Table Centerpieces 15

A set of tall Cylinder vases with different flowers inside and floating candle on top.

floating candle Christmas centerpieces 30

Choosing to make your own floating candle centerpiece can be a great way to express your creativity.

floating candle Christmas centerpieces 34

Cranberries, votive, holly leaves and a glass vase/cylinder!

9. Modern Christmas Table Centerpieces

modern Christmas table with DIY hoop centerpiece

Image: DIY hoop centerpiece


Minimalist christmas table styling with fir, candles & pine cones

10. Creative Christmas Table Centerpieces

gorgeous crystal adorned tree Christmas centerpieces 19 ideas

Gorgeous crystal adorned tree.

Christmas centerpiece Using Scrabble game tiles 12

Using Scrabble game tiles, spell out a seasonal message. Place on a platter and accent with ornaments, fresh greens, nuts, berries or ribbons.

silver diy Christmas centerpieces 23

Silver pomegranates.

Via Midwest Living

white Christmas centerpieces 24
vreative diy christmas centerpieces 26 decorations
Christmas centerpieces 36


There are so many fun ways to transform your dining table with Christmas Table Centerpieces into a beautiful array of festive decorations.

Remember, you don’t need to take a lot of time or money to make your dinner table into a captivating and enchanting setting. All you need is a little creativity and a few simple ingredients.

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