20 Clever Shoe Storage Ideas

 Shoe storage built into stairs

Each one of us has several pairs of shoes, if not more. However, when it comes to women, they don’t just like their shoes, they actually love them. Some women have been collecting shoes ever since they were little girls. As a result, the need for a good storage area has always been there. Women are constantly looking for new ways of creating more space for their shoes. This is a trend that seems to evolve with each generation.

In general, the shoe storage area in your home should be neat, appealing, spacious and convenient. In addition, it also needs to be practical. It’s important for any woman to find the shoes they are looking for in the shortest time possible. Too much searching can be quite exhausting. Depending on how often you wear your shoes, they will most likely be exposed to the elements at one time or another. As a result, you should ensure that you have a proper storage area.

Unless you are fortunate enough to live in a shoe store, you will most likely experience some difficulties when it comes to storing your collection of shoes, especially if you include someone else’s. It might seem silly to some people, but most women find it sad when a pair of shoes get split up from each other and get lost in a big pile of footwear. However, this issue can be easily resolved with a good storage area.

Storing shoes in your closet usually takes up a lot of room, but with the right storage ideas, you can keep your closet organized and spacious. In addition to shoes, your storage space can also hold other items such as scarves, gloves and socks.

You can always decide to buy something that is ready made like a shelf or shoe rack. It all depends on what your situation is. However, it’s important that you keep in mind your budget and the space limitations of such an option. This is will allow you to make the best investment decision possible. In most cases, people are always looking for cheaper and more creative do-it-yourself options. We can provide you with some creative alternatives that will surely work for you. You can even take some of the ideas provided and give them your own little twist. The most important thing is that you have something you love. The thing that most people don’t know is that with a few improvements here and there, you can make your storage space practical, lovely and spacious.

Check out these 20 Shoe Storage Ideas.

1. Shoe storage built into stairs.

 DIY vintage crate boot rack

2. DIY vintage crate boot rack. Wood pallets as shoe storage

3.  Wood pallets as shoe storage

This would be perfect in the garage for those muddy hunting boots.

 DIY PVC shoe storage

4. DIY PVC shoe storage.  Upcycled Magazine File – Shoe Storage

5. Upcycled Magazine File – Shoe Storage.  Shoe Storage Bench

6. Shoe Storage Bench.  Shoe storage underneath a bedskirt

7. Shoe storage underneath a bedskirt. Mantle to hang your shoes on

8. Mantle to hang your shoes on.  Creative Design Space Saving Shoe Storage Holder Support

9. Creative Design Space Saving Shoe Storage Holder Support  RAKKY Shoe Storage.

10. RAKKY Shoe Storage.

Fits around 30 pairs.

Storage Over-the-Door Shoe Organizer

11. Storage Over-the-Door Shoe Organizer Putting the shoes on an end wall

12. Putting the shoes on an end wall.  Under the Bed Shoe Container

13. Under the Bed Shoe Container Towel rail (IKEA BYGEL) used us shoe holder

14. Towel rail (IKEA BYGEL) used us shoe holder.

Image: Nina Holst

Ladder shoe rack

15. Ladder shoe rack. Modern Round Shoe Ottoman

16. Modern Round Shoe Ottoman shoes plastic boxes

17. Plastic boxes

Pant hangers with sliding clips boots storage ideas

18. Pant hangers with sliding clips 

shoe storage Innovatively boxed up

19. Innovatively boxed up.

 Old wine crate shoe storage

20. Old wine crate shoe storage.

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