14 Best Corner Shelf Designs

Corners are some of the most difficult spaces to design around in any home, which is why they are a perfect space for storing things on shelves. There are so many styles of corner shelf designs available in the market and DIY solutions. And they constitute a very good furniture option for you in decorating your home. Check out these amazing corner shelf designs to get the inspiration you need.

Shelf designs and ideas

modern orange corner shelf by William Feeney

Lorna creative corner shelf by William Feeney.

Kulma corner shelf by Martina Carpelan

Kulma, corner in Finnish by Martina Carpelan, is a shelf to be hanged either in a positive or a negative corner of a room. The idea is to utilize and highlight both the space within the shelf and the corner surrounding the shelf.

smart idea for corner shelves

This is a garage storage space project, but could easily be converted into a corner spinning bookshelf for all your paperbacks and knick knacks.

corner shelf the corner tree

Just a concept design.

Via apartment therapy

DIY corner shelf 5

Next time you’re staring at the wall, wondering how best to organize your things, avert your gaze 45 degrees and take a look in the corner. A single shelf or several that fit into the corner of a room can open up a world of possibilities. You might show off a collection in an unexpected way and create an office space out of a cranny. Or install compact furnishings in a cramped room.

Via Martha Stewart

Corner Black Bookshelf by Poundex

Corner Black Bookshelf by Poundex

turquoise corner shelf by Marc Kandalaft

Turquoise corner shelf by Marc Kandalaft.

DIYcorner shelf 9

DIY IKEA corner shelf 10

DIY corner shelves by IKEA square wall shelves.

Via one little minute

solid wood corner shelf 11

A FEW OF MY FAVOURITE THINGS corner shelf. In a world of veneer, laminat and formica, surround yourself with solid wood. It is a desktop console or a wall shelf where you can place your most treasured artifacts. Handcrafted in Germany in solid Douglas Fir, the unit can be mounted vertically in a corner. Or horizontally on a wall either as a single large shelf or as a series of smaller platforms.

A feature of solid wood in this scale is that as it expands and contracts with the seasons. Additionally, the cracks will develop and grow, adding character and depth of texture to this piece as it matures. These do not affect structural integrity.

Some unique shelving units

industrial shelf

Industrial Pipe Bookshelf and Shoe Rack. This industrial pipe shelf is the perfect project for any handy — or non handy — person looking to update their room.  The shelf is quick and easy to install and its hard industrial yet shabby chic look makes it a great addition to any room.  All of the pipes have threaded ends which makes it really easy to update the shape of your shelf every few months.

modular shelving unit

Modular shelving unit made by corian designed by Maria Yasko.

Vintage Three Tier Wooden furniture

Vintage Cottage Chic Three Tier Wooden Corner Shelf. This great vintage wood three tier corner shelf is a solid piece of furniture. The shelves are a pretty robin’s egg blue color with a distressed appearance that reveals the wood beneath – quintessential shabby chic. It features a curvy-edged scalloped design with rounded corners, and is perfectly sized to hold your favorite tchotchkes. It comes complete with a wire loop at the top for hanging on the wall, or is sturdy enough to sit by itself on a table or countertop with no danger of tipping over. Find it on Etsy.

family photos decoration

Corner Photo Shelf. Prized photos deserve a striking display—and this unique piece has a stylish, cut-out shape, that holds 5″ x 7″ photos, so you can see different pics at unique angles. 4 shelves display little mementos from your adventures. Composite wood with black painted finish. This item is currently not available. You can find a similar here.

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