The Ultimate Cozy Scandinavian Apartment

This lovely Scandinavian apartment may only have one bedroom but it looks very spacious and comfortable. It’s located in the building from the 1920s and it has some charming old-fashioned details, but on the other hand. it’s also very modern. Most materials used to decorate this apartment are natural, starting from wooden floors and wooden cupboards. When it comes to colors, it’s all about neutral colors, different shades of beige and gray. However, that doesn’t mean that the interior of this apartment is boring. On the contrary! There are many details, such as colorful wall paintings, soft rugs, and elegant chandeliers that are making this place really unique and chick.


Images: Alvhem

This apartment is a great example of how an open living concept can help you get the most out of the room available. In the central room, there’s a living area, dining area, as well as a very functional kitchen. The living room looks very cozy, with a big, comfortable couch, and fluffy carpet. There’s also a glass coffee table, that makes the room look very stylish and modern. The wall behind the couch is painted green, which is a nice touch of color in this neutral room. The living area is decorated with multiple paintings and photographs. There are also statues and plants. just the perfect amount of details so that there’s plenty of free space. Another detail that makes space seem visually bigger is a mirror located in front of the couch.

Scandinavian homes are all about comfort and being practical, and the same principles have been used in this apartment. The dining area has a big, round wooden table and four white chairs that look both modern and comfortable. There’s plenty of space, which makes the apartment suitable for families with children as well. The kitchen area is very practical, and it has everything that one family may need. The kitchen looks really charming with its gray cupboards and white tiles. Next to the kitchen and dining area, there are doors that lead to the balcony. When the weather is nice and you can keep the door open, the balcony looks like a part of the apartment. There are comfortable chairs and a table where residents can have coffee or even dinner. The view is also really nice, you can see a beautiful inner garden, and plenty of light enters the apartment.

There’s also a small study area, in the hall in front of the bedroom. It may not be physically separated from the rest of the apartment, but it’s a calm and quiet spot where you can focus and get the work done. The massive wooden door leading to the bedroom is a real piece of art. The bedroom is elegant and stylish, again, it’s all about neutral, calming colors, mostly gray. For those that love natural light. there is a big window with a wonderful view, that also brings light and sunshine to the study area when the door is open.

Words that could sum up the design of this apartment would certainly be spacious, comfortable, and natural.

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    I enjoyed reading this. I can definitely see how comfortable this home is. It is also very inspiring and unforms with all the white/light tones. One of my passions is wood. Wood furniture just has a charm that can not be recreated with other materials in my opinion. So the hints of wood furniture add an element of earthiness to it all. Thanks for sharing!

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