10 Ideas to Make the Most of Your Small Balcony This Spring

Do you have a small balcony that you really want to do something with this spring? In addition to spring cleaning, you may also be seeking a revamp of your current balcony situation as the warmer temperatures arrive. We’re here to help you out with some small balcony ideas you might just love.

Image: Parvin Sharifi

Here are ten ideas that can help you make the most of a small balcony this spring. If you’ve got it, why not maximize it? Read on and find out more!


Image: Anna-Malin

10 Ideas to Make the Most of Your Small Balcony This Spring

  • Make it into a jungle balcony. This one is really fun, and it looks great! If you’re a plant person in any shape or form, this one is for you. It provides a really cool stylistic decor that looks great from the inside, and you get to have all of these cool plants that populate your balcony that you can move indoors too if you feel that the interior really could benefit from that plant at the moment (or if you want to hide a red wine stain on the carpet). If you put a chair out on your balcony, all of a sudden you have a really cool reading spot!
Image: Marzena Marideko
  • The cultivated reading spot. This leads us to the second idea, a carefully, meticulously crafted reading spot. For this, you will want the most comfortable chair you can find. From then on, fine tune. Add a parasol or umbrella for some shade and cover from the sun and even a lamp for later at night. Add a small side table on which you can rest a book for a moment, or a cup of tea. It’s easy to do, you just need the furniture and accessories of your choice.
  • Create the spring and summer lounge of your dreams. All you need is a lounge chair, and the rest is up to you. Once you have your spot in the sun, you’ll be ready for some Vitamin D to hit your system and make you feel happier and healthier than ever. It can be helpful to add a theme; a French summer by the Riviera is a good one, and you can add French blues in the form of your chair, a table, a towel thrown over, some flowering plants by your side.
  • Add a ladder for your pots. You can plant herbs or you can plant flowers or even small vegetables! It’s a fun project and definitely helps you maximize a small balcony. It’s already there, so why not plant some chives, oregano, pansies, or radishes? They’re not only edible, they look great decoratively. A decorative ladder plant is a great idea for small balconies.
  • Decorate the balcony. Hang a banner, weave ribbons or garlands through the bars, or add some twinkling holiday lights that light up at night! There are so many things to do that the only limit is your imagination and whatever is available while shopping. Sparkling lights are a particularly nice decoration that can help set a mood in the evening or at night.Or search online to find your own small balcony decoration ideas!
  • Transform it into a wine sampling balcony. There’s nothing better! It’s a divine way to use the space and you’ll feel like you have your own special escape, right at home.
  • Add a small bench and sitting stools. These are comfortable and a great way to mold the space towards a social one, one of conversation, relaxation, and simple pleasures.
Image: Interior by Niina
  • Put a hammock or a hanging chair on your balcony. This is a great idea! That being said, an outdoor hammock or a hanging chair is wonderful if you love relaxing, being comfortable, listening to music or a podcast, relaxing, etc.
  • Use peel and stick floor tiles. Of all the small balcony decoration ideas, this one is genius. Peel and stick floor tiles allow you to completely transform the floor of your balcony, making it glamorous and sophisticated in an instant. If you’re really looking for apartment balcony ideas that will take the space to the next level, these tiles are extremely transformative and really easy to apply.
  • A small round table and two chairs. Make a space intimate enough to share a meal or share a beverage with your loved one. It can be reminiscent of your favorite place to dine together or even a restaurant you visited in Italy. Simple, romantic, and small balcony friendly!


These are our small balcony ideas. Having a balcony is always amazing, and with small balconies, you can do so much if you are creative and have a vision. Only you know what type of small balcony decoration ideas you’re interested in. Perhaps you want to focus on socialization, on escape, on rest and relaxation, on decor and decoration, on greenery. When it comes to apartment balcony ideas, there are no limits!

We hope these ideas inspire you and help you to make the most of your balcony this spring. Good luck bringing your vision to life!

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