The 10 Best Indoor Plants for Your Bathroom

We all know that having live indoor plants make a home feel more welcoming. Not only are they beautiful to look at but they also provide amazing aromas and help to purify the air. While most people place plants in their kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms, another great option for indoor plants is your bathroom! Being that bathrooms are usually low light, warm and humid with plenty of water available, they make a great environment for house plants. Not every plant will thrive in those conditions but there are several options for you to be able to add a beautiful natural element to your space. Here are the 10 best indoor plants for your bathroom.

Bathroom plants for your home

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indoor plant in blue and white bathroom

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a great option as it is easy to grow and does well with temperature changes. The plant requires little care and usually grows only 2 feet tall in indirect sunlight. Another bonus is that the gel inside the leaves are great for treating minor cuts, scrapes or other skin problems, so it is a perfect plant for bathrooms.

Image: Andrea West Design

round shaped mirror and indoor plant in bathroom


While orchids can sometimes be tricky they are actually a very nice option for bathrooms. Orchids like to be kept damp instead of being soaked so a humid bathroom can be perfect. Orchids need bright filtered light so placing them near a window works well.

Image: homes to love

golden pothos indoor plant in bathroom

Golden Pothos

Golden pothos are an extremely popular house plant that will also thrive in bathrooms. These extremely low-maintenance plants look beautiful and don’t need a lot of sunlight making them a perfect choice. It should be noted that these plants leaves are toxic to animals and humans if ingested, so that should be kept in mind as well.

Image: my Scandinavian home

bromeliads in bathroom


Bromeliads are special because while most house plants don’t bloom very often, these plants bloom beautiful red or pink blossoms that last for a while. These plants thrive in humid temperatures but just need some sort of air circulation every so often.

neon pothos plant and black and white tiles

Neon Pothos

Another option in the pothos family is the neon variety as they are great for their pop of color. Pothos plants have amazing air-purifying capabilities and thrive well in bathrooms.

Cast-Iron Plant in bathroom

Cast-Iron Plant

These extremely durable plants are not only great for bathrooms but for individuals with a not so green thumb. Cast-Irons do well in the shade but may be more suited for bathrooms with less humidity.

spider plants

Spider Plants

Spider plants are hanging plants that look beautiful and are easily maintained. They do well in warm humid areas and would look amazing having over a free standing tub.

Image:the joshua tree house

ferns in bathroom


Ferns are another great option for bathrooms as they are hardy plants that tolerate temperature changes well. They can thrive in low-light and humid areas making them an easy option for the space.

Image: @robynstyleblog

tillandsia in bathroom


These unique tropical plants can grow without soil making them an extremely easy plant that are perfect for bathrooms. Tillandsias thrive in hot humid temperatures and will soak up the moisture from the air and need little natural light.

peace lily in bathroom

Peace Lily

Peace lily’s are gorgeous flowers that do well in low-light and humid bathrooms. They require little care but it’s important to not let the soil completely dry out and if your plant isn’t flowering, it may need a little extra natural light.

Image: @its_all_about_the_house

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