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23 Bohemian Bathroom Designs

Bohemian Bathroom Designs

There can be little doubt about the impact that can be made by Bohemian bathroom designs. The fact that this is not a style that is used that often is an absolute tragedy. You just have so many options with this style of bathroom! As long as you follow a few basic rules, there is little chance of you not managing to get that wow factor you are looking for.

Ideas for great bohemian bathroom designs

With the Bohemian style you can afford to be quite bold with the color scheme. So, if you want to go for a daring purple or a vibrant blue, then feel free. After all, it is all about being allowed to express yourself. If you do not like a block of color covering the walls, then how about a section of tiles? Even if they are on a piece of furniture, where they are bright or with a bold design, it will still work spectacularly well.

For the fittings, then you need to avoid the modern look and instead look at getting something a bit more traditional. Maybe with a roll top bath being the best. Elaborate taps are also a welcome addition and look at having the variety that actually spells out hot and cold for an extra special touch. Any furniture can be a mismatch with different woods and designs coming together in a free flowing final look.

Just to finish everything off do not be scared to add various trinkets. Just making the bathroom look very busy at all times and from every angle. Never see anything as being too strange because the best Bohemian bathroom designs are those that are always a work in progress. With items changing and altered color schemes where a mismatch of colors is always a winner!

Go ahead and have fun with it and see where it leads you. Bohemian Bathroom Designs 2 Bohemian Bathroom Designs 3 Bohemian Bathroom Designs 4

Bohemian Bathroom Designs 5

Images 1-5: AD France

Bohemian Bathroom Designs 6 Bohemian Bathroom Designs 7 Bohemian Bathroom Designs 8 Bohemian Bathroom Designs 9 Bohemian Bathroom Designs 10 Bohemian Bathroom Designs 11 Bohemian Bathroom Designs 12

Image: casa la siesta

Bohemian Bathroom Designs 13 Bohemian Bathroom Designs 14 Bohemian Bathroom Designs 15 Bohemian Bathroom Designs 16 white bathtub bathtub in bathroom and a big window bathroom tiles with patterns

Image: Magnolia Pearl

red and beige curtains in bathroom

purple curtains patterns and colors in bathroom colorful bathroom tiles

Inside a Jewelry Designer’s Whimsical, Bohemian bathroom.

Image: Domaine

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    Love the ” cowshed” bathroom with a big deep bath in it xx”

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    Ruth Nero

    Bohemian design is unique and a fusion of white to brown colors. Love it!

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