Sunken Bathtub with Steps: Why Are They Gaining Popularity

One of the popular bathtubs to emerge in the contemporary era is a sunken bathtub with steps. They also went by the name of a “drop-in tub” which makes sense on how it is sunk into the bathroom floor. Essentially, there are endless possibilities to accentuate a sunken bathtub with steps in your bathroom. As such, these are becoming an interior designer’s favorite. Now, why are these sunken bathtubs with steps gaining popularity across the world? Let us check this out.

Image: syla home

Bathtub Steps Design Ideas

sunken bath made from slabs of Crema Marfil marble

Sleek bathroom aesthetics

One of the major selling is that it adds a sleek aesthetic to your bathroom. True enough, we sometimes just want our bathrooms to be as pleasing and as comfortable as they can be. Sunken bathtubs seamlessly integrate the bathroom floor and tub which gives an overall clean finish. To make this aesthetic into its actual picture, a few installations are needed to be integrated into the bathtub. Similarly, one of the ways to achieve this is to create a concrete tub with designed steps on it. Essentially, there are endless possibilities to work your way around sunken bathtubs. Your bathroom can give off a modern and contemporary vibe on it.

Image: House Beautiful

A vintage tribute


For those whole love to add a vintage tribute to their bathrooms, then installing a sunken bathtub with steps might be your thing. Just try to envision ancient Turkish bathhouses and Japanese onsen integrated into your bathroom. Adding a vintage touch to your bathroom is achieved with these sunken bathtubs. Other people also love to add bamboo or wooden accessories to even accentuate an exotic and antiquated feel to their bathrooms. If you also want to create a little and tranquil spa-like area in your bathroom, integrating a sunken bathtub into it might be the perfect option you can try.

Image: Linda McDougald Design | Postcard from Paris®

Easier to get in and out

 stone tub tucked into a windowed alcove

Putting aside the aesthetic feel of adding sunken bathtubs with steps in your bathroom, these also bring practical benefits for you. One of the major functional benefits of sunken bathtubs is that they are easier to get in and out. And, who doesn’t love that? For example, some people have limited mobility which makes it even practical to install a bathtub with steps attached to it. In addition to this, some people attach a railing in their sunken bathtubs just to add extra security for their loved ones who have disabilities. Sunken baths are also cheaper and these are easier to clean and maintain as well.

Image: AD

An interior designer’s favorite

curved sunken bath

It goes without saying that sunken bathtubs with steps are favorite gems of interior designers. These are gaining popularity with interior designers because of the endless possibilities they can accentuate with sunken baths. So to speak, sunken bathtubs come in a variety of shapes and sizes fit for your personal preference. As such, rest assured that you will find one which will perfectly fit the vibe you are going into within your bathroom. Creative and skilled interior designers know how to blend in sunken baths with the overall theme and décor of the bathrooms you envision.

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