Small Studio Apartment Design Ideas

Small Studio Apartment Design Idea

Living in the city center can be very exciting and finding the ideal apartment adds to the adventure. The majority of people look for small studio ideas to live in the concrete jungles. That’s why, in exchange for living in the city center one has to accept a smaller living space. Straight lines, muted colors, with a combination of smart planning and complementing textures and materials, make the space look larger and uncluttered.

Tips for living in a small studio


The following are a few tips to help you adjust into a small space. Small studio ideas also need to come with certain suggestions for living in such spaces. So here we go:

1. Use dual purpose items
Small living spaces necessitate good planning to maximize on the available room. They dictate that at least every item in the house should serve two or more purposes. It is easy to find couches that transform into beds, kitchens that are set in closets, retractable beds and drawers. Even bookshelves can act as partitions.

2. Frequent cleaning
De-cluttering is a very crucial aspect of cramped living spaces. It is advisable to meticulously go through each and every item you possess to determine the ones you need as well as those you don’t. Each unusable item in the house occupies a very useful space. Items can be disposed of by selling, donating or throwing them away. After that, you’ll be amazed at how much space you have freed up.

Pro Tip: Small apartment ideas can be really tricky when implemented. Check our category to get more inspiration with special steps and tips.

3. Look for more storage space
In every house, there are some items that are not used everyday, but are important for their occasional uses. These items include seasonal clothing such as mittens and snow boots. Outdoor decorations like external Christmas lights, outdoor furniture and seasonal gear such as fishing rods, ski boots and surfboards also fall into this category. These items are costly, therefore, buying them annually is not a viable option. For this reason, you should have a creative way of getting them out of the way. The walls can provide more space for building storage shelves. The space found under the bed can also provide good options for storage. If these do not work for you, there are several companies offering off-site storage space for a fee.

4. Avoid buying unnecessary items.
If you live in a home with limited space, think twice before spending money on a desk that will eat up valuable space. Regardless of whether you work from home, such purchases are simply not necessary. Consider setting up you workstation on an existing item such as the dining table or on the kitchen work surface. Whenever you buy a new item, get rid of an old one to create space.

5. Shrink your items.
Items such as fridges do not have to be very big when you live alone. If possible, it is advisable to downsize items such as fridges, couches, beds and tables. Smaller furniture can go a long way in making your abode look neater.

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