Tiny Compact Apartment That Has Everything

Tiny Apartment That Has Everything

Could you live in a teeny-tiny resident barely large enough to hang your coat? If your answer is automatically no, you may have second thoughts after viewing this charming, compact apartment by Kitoko Studio. You see, all around the world today architects are making the most out of small spaces by using slide-outs, multipurpose furniture, and interesting color and design. In fact, this compact apartment is small, but you would be surprised how much can fit into it! The trick is that nearly everything is hidden from view when not in use. It’s a practical concept. 

Due to the way this compact living space is designed, the interior space is appears quite lovely. Thankfully, in these modern times, tiny is not synonymous with cramped and tacky. In fact, this apartment is beautifully laid-out. The colors work perfectly, and the simple artwork gives it just the right amount of panache to make this dwelling intriguing.
Actually, apartment sizes are getting smaller and smaller in every way in the 21st century. What’s more, appliances are becoming less bulky and more energy efficient in addition to decreasing in size. For example, this apartment incorporates the cooking area or “micro kitchen,” dishwashing area, and dining area in their own sphere, while closet and storage space practically disappears when not in use. The bathroom area is perfectly compartmentalized and the sleeping area has its own corner divided by an attractively designed wall.

Today, people who want to live in cities are finding that they have to sacrifice. One the biggest sacrifices is space. Renowned cities like New York City, Hong Kong, Tokyo and others, have all taken to the “compact apartment” concept. This also means that appliance companies that have traditionally made units for huge dwellings are now reassessing their products.

For example, in compact apartments such as this, closets and cabinets built into the wall camouflage an amazing amount of storage and adds to the overall sleek, modern appeal of the apartment. The front rectangular room design easily flows into the bathroom continuing the harmonious ambiance, and the fine-looking materials used are an added bonus. The mosaic tiles in the bathroom area create a nice touch and grants the area its own unique character.

Functionality is the most crucial component to the numerous design strategies. Making each piece as functional as possible for multiple uses takes meticulous design planning and style! That’s why this apartment is so unique. It is designed to suit everything an individual needs in a living space. Of course, not everyone can live in such a small area; however, the layout provides an efficient and sustainable means of living in a small space with modern day comforts.

Photographs: Fabienne Delafraye

Tiny Apartment That Has Everything 2

In Paris, maids rooms were at one time considered unappreciative and isolated dwellings in gorgeous Haussmann buildings. Usually positioned on the top floor under the roof of the building, they are typified by their tiny dimensions with a basic functional interior space, while the usual necessities for everyday living were not easily available.

With time, the maid’s room became more functional and was used for various purposes. Mainly as storage spaces and empty attics. Subsequently, the overall enhancement of property prices has also produced a fresh consideration of these long neglected spaces and sprung into action a vast new idea for housing. For example, this location was considered unrewarding, but it became an additional real estate asset, providing features never dreamed of by their previous inhabitants. Plenty of natural light, well carved out space, views, and additional comforts are all now part of the beauty of these very small spaces. It’s amazing what a bit of ingenuity, materials, and paint can do!

Tiny Apartment That Has Everything 3

Today, because of a lack of space and with families employing au pairs, it is essential that not only the living spaces become functional, but incorporate an aesthetic appeal as well. Besides the normal daily functions of cooking, eating, bathing, and sleeping, it is important to instill a sense of beauty and affability for whoever will be occupying the tiny space. In fact, if the au pair’s living quarters are pleasant, they are more likely to enjoy their work even more. Tiny Apartment That Has Everything 4 Tiny Apartment That Has Everything 5

The architectural idea apparent in this small living area is very similar to the Swiss Army Knife. The Swiss Army Knife is simple, yet complete. With the maneuvering, sliding, and folding of various instruments, this much-copied knife is the total package, much like the new interior design of the “compact apartment” pictured here. Therefore, this innovative maid’s room is a modular conception of the highly-functional Swiss Army Knife. The tiny apartment includes a bed, table, staircase, bathroom, and kitchenette. To top it off, a fully functioning adequately sized closet can be unfolded and used at the occupant’s discretion as well as the dining table. What’s more, when the units are put back into place, the perception of the space is completely changed.

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The concept of compact apartments is taking-off around the globe! With the world’s population consistently increasing and younger people desiring to live within city limits but without the means to pay for larger living spaces, it is no surprise that the concept of “compact apartments” is so widely accepted. Moreover, the populace is becoming less wasteful in general; therefore, compact apartment living is not only for au pairs, they are for the hip and innovative as well. These types of residences are now seen as chic, quirky, and downright cool.


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