Scandinavian Small Kitchen Design Ideas From The Experts

Less is more when it comes to Scandinavian design. This is something we can all agree on. But going minimalist is often a struggle. If you’re looking to achieve that Scandi look but you’re not sure where to start, read on. We’ve asked several interior design experts to share their Scandinavian small kitchen ideas, and here are the key things you need to consider when styling the hardest-working room in your home:


1. Go for White

Small rooms are a bit more difficult to furnish because you just don’t have enough space to work with. One trick used by interior designers to open up the space is to use all-white units and paint the walls in a lighter shade as well. White is a wonderful non-color that gives the illusion of space. White will also give your small kitchen a modern feel. And it goes excellent with just about any color!

simple white kitchen with wood floor hanging plants and cream smeg fridge and appliances

2. Use Wood

Scandinavian people are very much in touch with nature. They love wooden floors and tables. Wood adds warmth and texture to any room and is a staple in Scandinavian small kitchen design. Furthermore, you can’t go wrong when combining white with brown or beige.

Image: @jennifer.paro


3. Add Hanging Lights

Hanging lights are extremely usable, versatile fixtures that come in all sizes, shapes, and styles. They are perfect for homes with limited space and can really make a room pop. You can opt for a cream color if you wish to remain in the same light color scheme, or even go for a darker color such as grey or even black.


4. Choose Bright Appliances

An all-white themed kitchen can feel a bit clinical, which is why it’s never a bad idea to add a pop of color. You can do this by adding various pieces of colorful furniture such as chairs, or – better yet – look for brightly colored kitchen appliances. A mint fridge, for example, would look absolutely amazing. Too big? Then maybe a baby pink toaster or a red retro mixer can bring those positive vibes in your Scandinavian style small kitchen.


5. Bring Technology to the Kitchen

Scandinavian people are in tune with the latest technology. Consider incorporating technology into your kitchen, such as an electronic control for lighting and temperature or a smart coffee maker. Basically, anything that can make your life easier. Smart gadgets will also add that modern feel to your minimalist small kitchen.


6. Keep It Simple

Many items we use in the kitchen are left on the side, on open shelves, or any other space where they are visible to us and others. But if you want a Scandinavian style small kitchen, you’ll have to think of ways to store those items in cupboards. Make a list of things you really need in your kitchen and then store them somewhere out of sight. Decluttering is another thing that creates the illusion of more space.


7. Place a Wallpaper

If you feel like your kitchen is too “empty,” with all that white and items stored where no one can see them, you can add a wallpaper to your walls. Scandinavians love wallpapers and nowadays, it’s so easy to find affordable prints that speak to your aesthetic.


Images: Stadshem

These have been the top expert tips on decorating and furnishing a small Scandinavian style kitchen. As with anything, you are responsible for providing your home with your personal touch. But with these design tweaks, you can transform your current kitchen into a minimalist dream in no time!

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