How To Create a Timeless Family Friendly Kitchen Design

If you want a kitchen to become a pleasant and comfortable space for your whole family, you must design a mainly functional family kitchen for your family to enjoy.

If your family is large or small, you should consider the space available for your family in your kitchen. In addition, the kitchen is the main place where families usually meet to share a meal, talk, reflect on the day, many things you can do together with your family.

In addition, the kitchen can also be a space where you can teach your loved ones how to cook. You should also focus on having a little of space so that you can design a family kitchen.

Here you can find the best ideas and tips for designing a family-friendly kitchen.

Image: style at home / Photography: Mike / Chajecki Design: Rebecca Hay

Family friendly kitchen design by Rebecca Hay

light blue grey kitchen-with reclaimed wood island with white marble worktop and Clear Acrylic Stools

1. Add An Island and Seating

If you are looking to add value to your kitchen and design a family-friendly kitchen, you should mainly consider installing a kitchen island.

The kitchen island is an excellent place, totally comfortable for everyone to meet and talk while preparing meals, or simply to chat about a specific topic.

It is also important that you consider placing in your kitchen the appropriate seats that will provide comfort (and child friendly) to your family .

Image: Katie Davis

Multiple Counter Heights

2. Add Multiple Counter Heights

It is important that there is space available in the kitchen for the whole family, this will help provide more comfort and relaxation to all people in the kitchen.

So, it is important that you add several countertops of different sizes, the lower counter heights can be used as a sitting area, the truth is very comfortable and elegant.


3. It Is Important That You Change The Color of The Kitchen

The best option for you and your family is to make a color change to your kitchen, so that the kitchen is much more attractive and friendly for your family.

You should consider a kitchen combined with black and white colors.

Image: House Seven Designs


4. You Should Design an Organization System

Remember that a family kitchen must be organized, because usually there will be several people in the kitchen at the same time.

Also, it depends on how many people use the kitchen you must design an organization system to avoid disorder.

You can add a command center. The most important thing for you to design an organization system is to assign tasks and duties to each member of your family.

Image: Aileen Cooks

black and white kitchen with vintage wood table and brick wall

5. Security Features

Because the kitchen will be for the whole family, you need to add several safety features to preserve the safety of each member of your family.

The first thing you should imagine is a child-proof kitchen, of course, in case there are children in your family who have no experience or skill with cooking.

Then, you can add several slow-closing hinges to the drawers and doors of your cabinets in your kitchen, the objective of which is to avoid any type of accident that could occur.

You must place the glass accessories away from the children, this is very important.

Image: @juliedelibran

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