Charming Scandinavian Apartment With Romantic Decorating Style

This an incredible Scandinavian apartment that was built in 1914, and has a national romantic decorating style.

The design of this apartment is great, plus all the rooms are ideally distributed to generate comfort.

Charming Scandinavian living room With Romantic Decorating interior Style

The Interior of The Apartment

Without a doubt, the most incredible part of this apartment, which is 106 years old and has a total area of 1,529 square meters, is the romantic Scandinavian interior.

The house has many windows, and thanks to that, natural light can enter through the windows in all directions, and also the view through each of the windows is simply amazing.

Living room

It is important to emphasize that the living room is one of the most important rooms. Thanks to the large number of windows the living room is very well lit.

The living room of this apartment has a beautiful fireplace, besides this living room is cozy and generates a feeling of spaciousness to people.


Without a doubt the white Scandinavian kitchen is very spacious and unique.

The colors and materials this kitchen is lined with are very beautiful, the cabinet doors are white, and some areas are lined with natural stone tiles.


This apartment has 3 great bedrooms, and of course, each of the bedrooms has different dimensions.

In the largest bedroom there is enough space for a double bed, and all three bedrooms have large windows ideal for natural light to enter the room.


The bathroom contains all the essential accessories, and the bathroom also has a luxury bath.

The bathroom floor is covered with gray tiles, and the walls are tiled in white and gray.

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