Real Life Living Room Ideas (with Inspiration to Get Started)

Is it time to redecorate your living room? Are you a bit unsure where to start or how to pull off the look you want? How about the latest trends in decor? If you’re looking for some help with redecorating, then you’ve come to the right place. Let’s discuss 10 real life living room ideas that will love in 2020 as well as going into 2021…

House Decor Ideas: Living Room

Real Life Living Room Ideas

1. Mid-Century Modern

Mid-Century Modern small living room

Mid-century modern living room decor has been slowly making a comeback in recent seasons. It is all the rage right now, also homes inspired by Frank Loyd Wright are sure to turn heads. But your home doesn’t have to be a mid century modern piece of architecture to get the look. Think minimalism with plenty of natural wood accented with metals together with funky colors that pop. Finish off the look with modern art pieces.

Images: New Darlings

2. Historic Landmark

Historic Landmark living room with large built-in Bookshelves around window

You don’t have to live in a historic home to get the feel of one. This look is making a big comeback in 2020, so you can pull it off fairly easily. One almost essential upgrade to get this look is baseboards, doors, and door frames. Go for very ornate and engraved options. Garage sales also flea markets can be your best friend for a historic theme. Bookshelves lined with books always look great with this style. Decor pieces like globes and historical paintings can help to finish the overall look.


3. Second-Hand Chic

real life country farmhouse living room open kitchen decorating idea

Much like with historic decor, garage sales, flea markets, and thrift stores can be your one and only stop for this look. And one major perk is that it can be done on a smaller budget. Second hand chic can incorporate several decor themes. One great suggestion with this decor is to make sure that the objects you collect remain somewhat orderly. Bold and colorful walls go well with this look.

Image: @bridgewaydesigns

4. Artsy & Fun

artsy and fun living room decorating idea with yellow armchairs

This look allows for a bit more freedom than the others. Integrate bright wall colors and lots of accents. Find unusual pottery and unique sculptures to line shelves. One large piece as the main focus with several smaller accent artworks can really help to pull off this look and feel.

Image: AD

5. Modern Rustic


This look has been absolutely huge. It is a favorite amongst women and men across the country. It often uses lots of grey with natural woods together with metal. Barn doors, muted color candles, shiplap, moreover accents with rope can help to pull it all together.

Image: Modern Rustic Home

6. Bohemian

Scandinavian Bohemian white living room with white hanging rattan chair and brown Moroccan Round Leather Pouf

This is another look that has been huge for quite some time, and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon. Think lots of rich colors, integrating reds, yellows, greens, moreover navy blue or white, cream, etc. for a fresh Chic Bohemian look. Toss a Moroccan round leather pouf or a large bean bag on the floor for seating. You can really get funky with this look from sequined throw pillows to moroccan rugs to string lighting around the room.

Image: @decorwarrior

7. Modern Moroccan

The Modern Moroccan look is making waves in real estate as well as design in 2020. This decor look has lots of metallic touches, will often feature moroccan tile and, of course, a lot of cushions and pillows. While your living room doesn’t have much opportunity for tile, you can incorporate Moroccan design into your fireplace or in other small touches like coasters, throw pillows, and decorative moroccan lanterns. Instead keep the walls and furniture simple and modern.

Image: Judith

8. Elegant Ultra Modern

grey Elegant Ultra Modern living room with black and white photography

If you want an ultra modern look, then it’s important to be on top of the latest trends. Geometric prints are on their way out in 2020, but these can be replaced with sharp angles and monochromatic color schemes. Grey is always in with this look. Try using various shades of grey along with white, black, and silver and display black and white art photography together with black frames. Above all, a black frame will complement almost any photo.

Image: Skonahem

9. Luxurious Victorian or Edwardian Style

Luxurious Victorian Edwardian Style living room decor

It’s not hard to envision the Victorian or the Edwardian look, but it can be a bit more difficult to pull it off. One great thing in 2020 is that wallpaper is making a big comeback. Think textured floral wallpaper to get an elegant Victorian or Edwardian feel. Otherwise you can paint a wall with a dark color, even black. Throw pillows with tassels together with ornate gold frame on a large mirror.

Image: Little Edwardian

10. The Outdoors Inside

loft with many indoor plants

Bringing the outdoors in with lots of living plants can be its own decor theme. You can find this look all over social media. It is often done with rich, dark hues throughout the room, including wall paint or brick wall. It always looks great with natural wood furniture as well as wood accents. Browns, tans, also amber make for great color contrast with plants against a white or black background.

Image: Studio Zapraszam

In conclusion, you have some of the basics for real life living room ideas. People are spending more time at home in 2020, so there’s never been a better time to make your spaces beautiful. Give your home the look and feel you’ve been wanting with one of these awesome moreover inspiring real living room decorating ideas.

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