Best Halloween 2020 Decoration Ideas

In order to enjoy a spooky atmosphere with a sophisticated look, here we bring you seven Halloween decoration ideas for 2020.

Halloween is coming, the holiday of horror and fear that celebrates death. It is a holiday to celebrate with the family watching movies, eating sweets and decorating the house to look as terrifying as possible.

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Halloween 2020 Decoration Ideas

1. Black Lace Spiderweb Fireplace Mantle Scarf Cover 

To decorate with dark tones, you can use a Black Lace Spiderweb Scarf Cover. It can be used to cover the mantelpiece of your fireplace. They come in all desired shapes and sizes and you can even knit them yourself at home. They can be used on fireplaces, but can also be placed on top of glass tables, hanging above the front door or windows, and placed on walls in a decorative way.

Decorative Scary Bats Wall Decal


2. Decorative Scary Bats Wall Decal 

To decorate the walls and ceiling you can use Decorative Scary Bats Wall Decal . There are several types, the best known are the flat and simple black ones that can be easily placed on the walls and windows. They can then be easily removed without the paint chipping off the wall.

But recently, 3D bats made of PVC have also become popular. They can be stuck on the wall by the part of the body or can be easily hung from the ceiling. The wings have volume, giving a new and spooky atmosphere to your home.

Halloween Lamp Shade Cover Decoration

3. Halloween Lamp Shade Cover Decoration

Halloween Lamp Shade Cover Decorations are like the first: fabrics printed with halloween motifs. They tend to have dark colors so that they contrast with the light from the lamps. They are placed on top of the lampshade and create curious shadows. You can also knit them.

Halloween Witch Hat Kit

Image: Chrystal | 1728 Cedar Hedge

4. Floating Witches Hats 

Halloween Witch Hats are one of the easiest crafts to do. They can be sewn with dark fabrics and some wire. They can also be made by hand with cardboard or dark paper to which small details can be drawn or glued and they can be hung from the top with a string from the ceiling.

Halloween Skeleton kitchen decoration idea

5. Halloween Skeletons

Skeletons are the star element of Halloween. In all the decoration stores, party and costume stores and in the neighborhood bazaars there are, at least, some. They come in all types, sizes, and colors. The most common are realistic-sized plastic skeletons and skulls.

They can be left in the garden, near the front door, as if they were waiting for the children who will come for candy on Halloween night. They can also be used to pretend to come out from under the ground, with a little creativity and a lot of fun.

6. Realistic Plastic Spooky Small Spiders

Therealistic plastic spiders will be your best allies to decorate your house, especially if you are having guests. You can leave them all over the house, stick them on the walls following a path or even put them between the spiderwebs that decorate your house.

Also, if you clean and disinfect them well, you can place them in the drink and serve it as if it were a witch’s potion.

decorative Halloween Pumpkin String Lights

7. Halloween Pumpkin String Lights

Halloween Pumpkin String Lights are great to illuminate your house with an orange hue. If you just turn on that light and a few pumpkins, they will give the room a spooky atmosphere perfect for the party. And for the rest of the days, they are perfect for decorating rooms and walls.

These can be purchased or can be made at home. They are easy to do, especially if you use ping pong balls as lampshades.

So now you know, if you want to decorate your house with a spooky atmosphere, do not hesitate to buy or make some of these crafts. You can give your home the best Halloween touch this 2020.

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