The Rustic Lake House Meets Ultra-Modern Design

rustic lake house

Who wouldn’t like to have a rustic lake house? True, this style is not for everyone. But as long as you love rustic and modernism this will blow your mind! The rustic theme gets reinvented and taken to new, modern heights with this gorgeous lake house by Sara Bederman.

While many home owners may think that a lake house demands a country-style design, does it really? When you see how a country lake house or cottage (in this case in the region of Kawartha Lakes) can be transformed into a modern and chic destination, you may change your mind!

Uniqueness in a rustic lake house

Infused with modern luxury, this aesthetic can definitely be classified as ultra-modern with both contemporary and rustic modern touches. The end result is a home that is just as beautiful on the inside as the lake and country outside.

With large glass windows looking out on a lake, there’s already a natural feeling to this home interior. The interior design is intended to build upon all of that already-present natural beauty for a truly stunning result.

This lake cottage in particular was designed to be family-friendly. You can see that this space is perfect for everything! From hanging out and entertaining to playing or relaxing with a book. This living room is the perfect place to cozy up in.

With different colored barn wood on the wall, the fireplace of light gray stone and twin stand alone white cabinets the diversity here is an eye opener. Also, light gray painted walls and gray rugs on the floor with matching gray sofas and a statement light piece with a wooden center table add to the result. Undoubtedly, there’s just enough contrast here to keep the eye entertained and this room looks great as a result.

On to the kitchen, which is open concept right next to the great room. Food preparation is made easy, with great cabinets that can hold endless food supplies and tools. These white cabinets pair perfectly with white counters and a counter made of white quartz. Modern twin hanging lights make this room open and inviting. With unique blue swiveling stools sitting at the counter waiting to be used.

Bonus features with modern design

Be sure to check out the vinyl flooring done in hardwood style. Even though it’s somewhere combining gray and brown, these floors provide a warming effect that is both modern and rustic. It can also stand up to typical lake house activities, an added bonus. It goes great with appliances made of stainless steel, which add a more city feel to this country getaway. Wall cover made out of reclaimed barn wood that continues in the living room just adds that great finishing touch of textured warmth.

Clean walls and a bright blue theme makes the dining room come to life. Once you check out the rich indigo rug and accompanying chairs, you’ll be loving this pop of color that continues with a large, colorful piece of wall art. You’ll definitely be envious as well when you see the bathroom. Light gray walls with an all-white tub and white floors makes this a lake house bathroom that you’ll never want to leave.

Overall, this is a stunning lake house and one that we wouldn’t mind staying in for a week or two. Combining warm and cool, this home is the epitome of modern luxury that manages to hold on and reinvent the classic rustic houses style.

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