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Playroom That Brings The Outdoors In

playroom installed with trees

Salt Sauna a Lovely Place to be a kindergarten. In Berlin, a salt sauna has been converted into a kindergarten by Baukind. The interiors of Kita Drachenhohle, also called a dragons cave, have been inspired by the nature. It has been designed in such a way that needs of the children are incorporated while maintaining the visual language to help them create a daily routine.

There is no clutter in the playroom due to the use of multifunctional furniture and objects like: a wooden tunnel that is also used as a bench, a hallway that can act like a musical instrument, and a lifted platform made for playing also offers storage underneath. Playrooms are installed with trees that impulsively encourage exercise and climbing by children. There are beautiful coat hooks on the wall that look like branches. The intelligent use of paintings, tiling, and color schemes, enhances the looks of landscapes and nature.

Some of the original sauna elements like the comfort of salt walls has been retained by Baukind. There is a sauna cabin used by children to steam every week, has been retained.

playroom installed with trees 2

playroom installed with trees 3

playroom installed with trees 4

playroom installed with trees 5

playroom installed with trees 6

playroom installed with trees 7

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