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30 Boys Room Decorating Ideas

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Decorating your boy’s room will need a unique design and style. This is quite different from the rest of the rooms in the house. It will be good to start thinking about the style you are going to use for your boy before he is even born. There are many boys room ideas out there and a little research will get you what you want. Your decorations starts from furniture, wall decor, accessories and all other items including beddings in the room all which should be in tune with a young boys tastes.

Your decoration style should focus on giving your boy a place to play, learn and most importantly dream. Find out what your boy like, be it animals, cars, computers, football stars or whatever it may be, just give him an opportunity to enjoy this little world.

The themes will change as your boy grows from a crawling toddler to a teenage and even to adulthood when he moves to his own place.
As a toddler, you need to focus on special themes that provide both the focus and aspiration that amaze him. Creatures for example are known to capture a toddler’s attention. Animal’s wallpapers and wall drawings will be a good theme to think of. This applies to the rest of the room including chairs, beddings and even seats.

Find out the kids favorite animals including pets that they love. Inclusion of teddy bears will work out just perfectly. You should also consider using comfy plaid patterns, long or pine beds or even wonderful wallpapers. Your accessories should focus on forest themes, animals like a lion and natural features like mountain scenes, rivers, lakes or whatever you can imagine. Just be sure to make your boy’s room enjoyable for him, actually better than that of his friend. This largely depends on your creativity more than your money.

For a teenage boy, things are a little bit different. They have a good sense of what they really love or enjoy. These vary greatly from one teenage to the other. While others love football stars, others find music celebrities, wrestling or even boxing thrilling. That’s not all, as a teenager, your boy may have a good sense of his future career be it an astronaut, a pilot, an engineer, doctor or whatever you can think of. This therefore should be the focus of your decoration. Having guitars for those who love music will work well. The same is true for having aeroplane pictures as the themes for the future pilot. The trick here is to get to know what your teenage boy love.

aeroplane themed boys room decorating ideas

There are thousands of boys rooms ideas out there from where you can choose of.

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awesome boys room decorating ideas

Do the road with magnetic paint and add magnets to the cars.

boys room with built in bed decorating ideas


boys room with climping decorating ideas


boys room with house bed decorating ideas


boys room with truch bed  decorating ideas


basebathemed boys room decorating ideasll


basketball themed boys room decorating ideas


storage solution for boys room


boys room with central bed decorating ideas


brick wall boys room decorating ideas


cool boys room decorating ideas


cottage boys room decorating ideas


indian style boys room decorating ideas


industrial boys room decorating ideas


loft play area boys room decorating ideas


map boys room decorating ideas


modern boys room decorating ideas


sea nautical boys room decorating ideas


simple boys room decorating ideas


space themed boys room decorating ideas


striped wall boys room decorating ideas


superman boys room decorating ideas


traditional boys room decorating ideas


classic boys room decorating ideas


vintage boys room decorating ideas


vintage cars themed boys room decorating ideas

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wave bed boys room decorating ideas


classic industrial boys room decorating ideas

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    I love the room with the car wall, but can’t find any murals or wallpaper that’s similar to it. Any suggestions?

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    Love the baseball room with the large print…how/where can u get a print like that?

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    Melina Divani

    Hi Donna,
    A similar technique takes on a very different look with a close-up photograph of baseballs.

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    Hi Jeanie. This is hand painted road using magnetic chalkboard paint. Check out these Wall Stickers.

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    Wow i loved the aeroplane wall decors . Any kid will easily love such a room.

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