New Contemporary Rustic Interior in Croatia

new contemporary rustic home interior design

This is a very lovely 15th century contemporary rustic home located on the beautiful coastline in Croatia. A close look at this unique architectural masterpiece reveals nicely preserved stone walls and interwoven contemporary architectural renovations. There are a couple of sleek modern furniture items like the pure white chairs, couch and bed that give this vintage home a perfect combination of the ancient and the contemporary. In addition, a quick look through the window gives you a scenic view of the outstanding blue Croatian coastline.

This exceptional home, called Villa San Spirito, is the brain child of architect Steve Harris while the decoration and interior design was carried out by Rees Roberts.

Located on an elevated portion at the edge of the Lopud Island, this home is decorated with white walls, combined with contrasting black and gray doors. The ancient stone walls have been carefully preserved. This outstanding combination of the new and the old form a desirable place of rest, relaxation and renewal. When you catch a glimpse of the refreshing sea and experience this creative blend of the traditional and contemporary designs, you will instantly desire to have a taste of paradise in this villa, on your next vacation.

Some of the distinct characterisics of the new rustic interior style include: the natural features of the stone and brick walls as well as the wooden ceiling and floor combined with expert craftsmanship. Other aspects of contemporary rustic interior design include:

  • The use of purely natural fabrics such as: animal skins, canvas, burlap, linen
  • A fairly generous use of raw lumber with very minimal paint or varnish
  • Very plain rugs made out of natural fibers like animal fur, sisal, sea grass and jute
  • A careful use of whites on window panes and upholstery to really lighten up the room containing a lot of brown wood.
  • Plain white seats and bed covering.



New Contemporary Rustic Interior Design2

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New Contemporary Rustic Interior Design5

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New Contemporary Rustic Interior Design7

contemporary rustic home office with view

contemporary country kitchen design

contemporary rustic stone bedroom

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If you had to design the interior of this unique masterpiece, what else will you include in the decoration? Please state your ideas in your comments. Thanks.

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