New Rustic Ocean Charming Home With Awesome View

Sleek yet cozy, clean but stylish and warm– this Orcas Island new rustic ocean home has it all.

A young couple wanted the help of Deforest Architects to make a place where they could pursue exploring and adventure, feel like a kid again, cook, connect with nature and feel as though they were “part of something bigger”. Deforest obliged by helping to design the house, renovate cabins, rework the landscape and work on the infrastructure.

The result is a beautiful home that anyone would be happy to stay in. With a wooden exterior, modern black roofing, stone wall accents and a stone chimney, this home is all warmth, elegance and texture from the start. Before, the home was in the center of the lawn and prevented water views for the cabins. Now the home is further back from the shoreline, creating clear views of the water.

Rustic Ocean Charming Home

cozy modern rustic living room corner

New Rustic Living Room

The living room has the floor and ceiling to contribute a warm brown, as do two camel leather chairs. The rest of the room contrasts nicely. A large gray stone fireplace, distressed wood side paneling, and lighter cozy sofas. A wood and glass table makes the perfect location for a few coffee table books. To the right is a small reading nook with built-in shelves and a chaise with light pillows.

large kitchen-with large island with stools and floor to ceiling windows

New Rustic Kitchen

In the kitchen, patterned tile flooring, wooden beams overhead, and distressed wood side paneling add a contrast to sleek white and soft gray cabinets and smooth black counters. It’s a mix of industrial and country that achieves the perfect ratio of warm and col

dining room with amazing lake view
unique dining table detail
bakehouse outdoor

New Rustic Patio

There’s even enough space for a cozy couch and stone fireplace on a tile patio for gatherings and enjoying evenings and nights. A grassy open space out front also allows for water-side gatherings. Meanwhile, lift-slide doors built into the home can make it easy to step inside or outside. Sit at the warm wooden dining table and you can take in fresh air and water views easily.

bakehouse staircase


In the main foyer, dark undertones are embraced more for a sophisticated look. Colored glass lanterns add a bit of character, but between a sleek dark staircase, dark gray sofa, and cool darker tile, the lighter pillows and wicker furniture accents add just that hint of lightness that’s needed.

bedroom with a view


Large glass doors also open up to a gorgeous wooden deck that allows for phenomenal forest and water views. An oatmeal coat of paint and duvet make this one of the airier and lighter spaces of the house, while bronze pillows and lamps, woven wicker bed frame, warm wooden side table and gray throw blanket add great texture and accents that add up to a relaxed, cozy mood.

bunk  beds room

Bunk Bed Room

The retreat’s bunk bedding is similarly lighter, featuring light beige/oatmeal colored paneling and contrasting touches of white, blue and black that give the space a calm, cohesive feel. A sink area breaks up all the warm staging with a beautiful pop of blue. And if you’re looking for fun, check out the ball pit room, where a slide deposits you into a whimsical rainbow-colored world of wonder. This nature oasis proves that a clean design can also be cozy, desirable, and achievable.

new rustic bathroom
house with indoor Slide with Ball Pit
beautiful Orcas island home

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