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New rustic house designed by Sergiy Makhno. This is what I call a chique rustic house! Let’s dive right in and see some of its elements and details.

When you enter through its main door, you’ve already been impressed by its unique approach to design and fabulous exteriors.

The garden itself could be described more as a Haven. In other words, somewhere you can spend time finding the peace and quiet you so well deserve.

Its imponent set of windows ensure that all natural light is transported to its unique interior. There you’ll find a sober but fascinating choice of tones and natural materials. Its tall ceilings give an impression of unique infinity. But at the same time, one that is inviting you to a cozy evening by its uniquely shaped fireplace.

The tables are carved in natural wood and given premium treatment. Also you will see relaxing and eating areas specially designed to accommodate big groups of friends and family. But not ones that will lose that soul of coziness when you’re sitting by yourself.

Unique elements from a chique rustic house

The attention to detail in its interior makes this chique rustic house an experience for those that live there as well as visitors. It’s both comfortable and design, modern and functional, sober but familiar.

Pieces of art that include sculptures and paintings marry perfectly with the chosen tones of each division. They are in fact as if they were made to fit this home interior with a sense of space and fidelity to itself. You won’t mistake it in any moment for a gallery or a museum where things are out of sync. Instead, you’ll appreciate the personality that each piece delivers to the place where it seems to naturally belong.

The artificial lighting of its inner areas – stairways, for example – gives it a natural and inviting feeling then you may initially assume. They are placed in key areas that ensure perfect transportation between natural and artificial light.

Its white bedroom invites to reflection and relaxation. It has a unique mood to it, as it is great for setting your mood to a calmer state of mind. Minimalistic to say the least, all it’s left to do is invite you for that same relaxation that you expect from it and nothing else. Its bathroom is unique and as such to perfectly reenergize you. On the start of every morning, with darker, green and golden themes you will love!

Other chic rooms of the house

On the children bedroom, you find yet another change of mood. It’s functional and modern and still appropriate for children of any age. Delivering a more wide approach to its use, its effect is a unique sense of adaptability to whatever use you wish to make of it.

Yet a bedroom that delivers a twin bed option is available, ideal for occasional guests. It’s invitational to relaxation and very functional in its core. The animal motifs in the walls give it a personality of its own, with blue and white tones.

Yet one of the most impressive rooms of the house has a dark tone in its essence with its main inspiration originating in the Orient. Just as the white bedroom, you’ll find a Yin-Yang combination amongst both. Though the darker bedroom still invites to relaxation, you’ll still find pieces that attenuate the power of its tone. In a sense, it will invite you to see it as a welcoming space.

Its other bathroom is also one of uniqueness, with tub and sink being of unique design and beauty at the same time. They are the soul and color of the whole division.

Its closet is one of unique wonder and sobriety, by far more impressive than those of the best clothing stores you can find. It’s functional yet incredible to look at.

This chique rustic house itself represents some of the best modern and rustic decisions met in design. It’s incredible to look at! Sumptuous to say the least but at the same time one that delivers on its functional and cozy side. It’s not cold and detached from its user. Instead, it invites him to sit, relax and admire each division and discover its very own unique personality.

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