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An Authentic Dream Log House

An Authentic Dream Log House in Jackson, WY by Peter Zimmerman Architects. This house was designed for a couple who plan on being in Jackson for 3 – 4 months, both in the summer and the winter. All of the living space is contained on the 1st floor. They have 3 daughters who are avid outdoor people and visit their parents on a regular basis with their significant others. The house needed to expand to accommodate a full house during holidays and then accordion back down to a space that was intimate for two people.

The concept for the siting, the scale of the house and the landscape was to be reminiscent of an original homesteader’s log house, found in an originally cleared meadow which had gone fallow over the years and started to see volunteer vegetation develop. This allowed for the natural landscape to consume the site.

The clients embraced the concept of doing what appears to be an authentic log house. The entire interior is wood: either log or board. All of the materials were reclaimed.

Melina Divani

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