The Modern Vintage Interior Design Style

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Selecting the right design style is the first step when it comes to incorporating the aesthetic and technical elements that will make up the overall interior design of your home. With a specific design style in mind, you will have a visual picture of what your home interior would look like and that will guide you through the process. There are a plethora of design styles that you can choose from but Modern Vintage Interior Design is one of your best options. It is a new design style that will allow you to merge two different design movements from two different eras to create an interior that’s full of character and functional in the modern world.

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What is modern vintage interior design?

Modern vintage interior design is all about mixing and matching both old and new elements in order to create a whole new design concept that embraces the best of both worlds. The clean and uncluttered look of modern design has been the top choice by many homeowners for decades because of its simplistic and elegant appeal. However, if you are in possession of high-quality vintage items or any design pieces that you have collected from the past, it is only natural that you would also want these items to be incorporated into your own home. As you effectively add timeless vintage pieces into your modern home, you will see how the pieces would complement each other and add character to your interior.

How do you modernize a vintage house?

If you want to modernize a vintage house, then the first thing that you have to do is to declutter by removing any furniture or decor pieces that don’t add any aesthetic value to the interior. To make the house look modern, opt for glass or metal pieces if there is a need for additional furniture or decor. When it comes to modernizing a vintage house, the best element that you can add is lighting. Updating the lighting fixtures towards the modern design can make all the difference in making the old home new again.

How to Mix Modern and Vintage Furniture?

modern vintage living room with wall art

Contrast is a great way to add interest in your home interior and this is one of the many reasons why modern vintage interior design is a great choice for many homeowners. If you have a vintage sofa, for example, you can match it with a modern coffee table that’s made of glass or steel. The trick is to make sure that each piece doesn’t clash with the other, rather complements it. If the furniture in your home is leaning more to the modern style, then you can make use of vintage rugs to add balance.

How do you mix vintage and modern art?

mixing vintage and modern art

The best way to mix vintage and modern art is to pick a specific wall where you want to place your art and think of it as one piece of art. Then gather all your arts and select a centerpiece that you can hang in the middle of the wall. From there, start placing your arts outwards deciding the placement of each art as you go. Mixing vintage and modern art into your interior decor can be daunting at first but it will be a rewarding experience especially after you successfully placed all the pieces beautifully.

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