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Hunting for George Loft Collection

Hunting for George Loft Collection

Hunting for George is an independent lifestyle brand brought to you by an eclectic bunch of Melbourne folk. Inspired by life and everything in-between. Hunting for George offers a unique array of products that offer a sense of artistic value that is channelled into their products. They ensure their products emit a multiple variety of tones across their products in order to achieve proper results upon usage. Hunting for George love sleep and relaxation, in result they have dedicated their time, resources, creative genius and talents into creating products that go above and beyond to achieve results and excel the expectations of their customers! Founders Jo Harris and Lucy Glade-Wright founded Hunting for George in 2010. As they begun from modest beginnings they worked together to establish their brand and contribute to the overall process of making your home awesome! Everybody loves resting their head on a soft cloud like pillow case! Hunting for George distributes a wide range of pillows that are crafted in the utmost highest quality. The Eskimo pillowcase set offers a vast amount of comfort as its 100% cotton and is free from harmful chemicals and any other unnatural exposures that may devalue the products usage in a sense. The chubby checker quilt set ensures a sensible amount of quality, which is channelled in certain areas around the product. The fundamental properties this particular product offers is quite extensive, due to the fact that it expresses an aesthetic quality, that is emitted to go beyond its general standard. Hunting for George Loft Collection 2 Hunting for George Loft Collection 3 Hunting for George Loft Collection 4

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