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A Designer Coffee Maker Alarm Clock Is Finally Here

Designer Coffee Maker Alarm Clock

The Barisieur, a bedside tea and coffee brewing alarm clock is a hybrid creation of a London-based designer, Josh Renouf. This technology that was first launched this May on IndieGoGo, the fundraising site, has finally become a reality.

The Barisieur takes the burden off your shoulders and transitions you smoothly from your night’s sleep into the day. This high technology allows the user to select the time they want their tea or coffee to start brewing. This means that the chosen beverage can start brewing before, after or during the alarm sound.

The Barisieur assures you of a sensual awakening, leaving you feeling stimulated to face the day’s challenges ahead. All you need to do, in the night before, is, set the timer after filling the boiling vessel with water and dropping your preferred grounds into the metal filler. A special induction will heat the water, which will steam up and pour through the grounds to deliver to you your morning aromatic brew.

What better way to start the day than with a freshly brewed tea or coffee, just by your bedside!

Designer Coffee Maker Alarm Clock 2


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