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Boho Glam Home interior

When it comes time to redesign a home, you can draw your inspiration from a variety of different places. It might come from a magazine, or something you saw at a friend’s house; you could watch a television show, or look thru countless photographs on the internet. Or, you could just stop at one place, and draw inspiration for any room in your house to help set your living space apart from everyone else. This place is a house which is designed by Jessica Marx.

Jessica has a degree in Architecture from USC, and has crafted her design eye thru working at some of the most prestigious interior design firms in the country. She has worked on the Trump SoHo building in New York City, as well as Thompson Hotel in Beverly Hills and the new Bo Nuage Pastry shop in Los Angeles, which just won the prestigious Best Restaurant Design award from the American Institute of Architects, Los Angeles.

When Jessica looks at a room, she wants to incorporate all of the available angles within a room to truly bring out the character of that room. She likes to draw inspiration from all facets of the world, and utilizes the unique charm each piece provides in order to create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. One great example of this kind of work is at the Boho Glam House.

Within the Boho Glam house, you will see a multitude of great designs. One design element you will see is the stark contrast between black and white, using stripes of both colors in the rugs or pillows, as well as in the framed art around the living space. Another is the use of Silver and Gold throughout the house; you will be able to gaze through the glass table and see some silver legs, or venture over to the kitchen and see the wood table with gold legs on it. The Chairs at the table also are laced with gold backings, and the tea set sitting on the desert table is also made out of gold. In addition to these, you will see various pops of color throughout, as Jessica uses color to help accent a room through framed art, flowers and other eclectic pieces found on the walls and bookshelves.

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When needing inspiration for your own living space, you can certainly check out the designs available to peruse at the Boho Glam house. There are pieces within the house which can inspire everyone, and get you down the path of finding your own serenity within your living space.

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