H&M Home Fall 2020 Collection

Combination of Beige and brown palettes, potted greens and handicraft from natural materials: the exciting components of the H&M Home Fall 2020 Collection.

H&M Home Fall 2020 Collection

The Autumn look for your interiors suggests Timeless Design by mixing up Classical pieces with Fall inspired knicknacks to update your look for this season antedating the coming of the snowman.

The countryside feel is important for that autumn look wherein Nature is given due vitality in the interiors through a sof and rustic feel. Anticipate a lot of stained and carved wood. The more grainy the surface the better, proving the wood used is old and well ripened. Combine this with darkened ceramics and porcelain with irregular glazing and texture, giving a sense that nature also made it too. Hang on walls canvasses of rough weave and take inspiration from rugs, giving consistency to the rustic feel.


H & M is proud to highlight the flexibility of its classic pieces for Autumn 2020 when you blend them in with other country inspired materials, textures and color palettes:

  • THE LOUNGE CHAIR. Made in rustic wood and rattan, it drew raves when first launched in Spring of 2018. It continues to be an interiors favorite and it is an essential piece to your Autumn 2020 countryside look. Mix it up with earth colored ceramic vases, wooden coffee tables and textured rugs which speak of comfort.
  • THE SCULPTURAL VASE. They are actually two circular shaped stoneware vases which sold out when launched early this year. We hear you, so H & M brings this twin vases out of the vine again for you to mix up with their meditation pieces of jar candles. You can even add in dried leaves to enhance the quiet and solitude look. But if you leave these distinct vases by themselves, they still look good beside a coffee table book.
  • THE LINEN BEDDING. This classic H & M line has been a hit and a source of inspiration for you and us since 2009. Shades of natural grey or greige dress up your bed with luxurious, russet themed or plaid throws and quilts. Perfect for the subtle atmosphere of autumn which blends well with the brownish surroundings outside.

Mix and match natural elements with modern components with the necessary brown and beige tones. That’s the H & M Autumn Collection for your interiors.

Melina Divani

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