Boho Pumpkin Décor Ideas For Home Fall Décor

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We are all used to the traditional fall colors, sometimes a bit awkward ones. Why not throw some boho pumpkins to your décor? They are beautiful in their natural state, and you can jazz them up to make something to shout about.

Perhaps, you can start by selecting a few spaces in your home and then change up your mantel the next year. There’s an even more catchy boho-inspired way of decorating your home by adding some rock tribal patters. A boho pumpkin can be displayed in the house or used a great table centerpiece. And yes, there’s no doubt pumpkins look great. This could be an excellent way of expressing the love of different cultures and individualism.

If you’re looking for some great ideas, do not fret. Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up some of the coolest boho pumpkin no-carving and carving ideas to inject a unique style in your home while remaining true to the new bohemian aesthetic. Let’s take a look!

Image: Sivan Yla

Henna boho Pumpkins DIY

Henna Pumpkins DIY by Baba souk. They have a little template with henna motifs you can download and print out. Click here to download it.


Indigo marbled Pumpkin by ALICE AND LOIS. Get the tutorial here.

pumpkin succulent planters

Pumpkin succulent planters by Sand & Sisal.

DIY Painted Fall Pumpkin

DIY Painted Fall Pumpkin by pmt for two.

Macrame Pumpkin holder

Macrame Pumpkin holder by TWO M E.

boho carving pumpkin lanterns

DIY boho pumpkin lanterns by Design Love Fest.

DIY boho chic, no carving pumpkins by Designing Vibes.

DIY boho Pumpkins with Tassels

Pumpkins with Tassels by Landee at Landeelu.

Take a look at more Creative Pumpkin Decorating Ideas.

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