Glamorous Yet Cozy Home

Glamorous yet cozy decoration, which is dominated by bright walls, classic carpets, and various patterns that complement the space. This bright and cheerful living space is equipped with modern furniture, and interior designer Andrea West is responsible for the look of the entire space.

The kitchen located in the extension of the living room consists of modern kitchen elements and a kitchen island that serves both for preparing meals and for dining. The wall is a combination of dark gray tiles and marble. The floor is covered with hardwood the same as the living room, and there is a carpet next to the elements on the hardwood floor. The kitchen island has an interesting blue and white pattern that completely elevates the entire room.


The delightful living room is connected to a large spacious space together with the kitchen. It features two stools and two sofas – one made of brown leather, other made of black velvet, and a rug of classic oriental colors and patterns. There are also two white furry armchairs, perfect to rest in after a long working day. TV is placed above the uniquely made wooden cabinet. The mix of neutral colors with different textures makes this living room spectacular. The floor covering is light-brown hardwood. The walls in the living room are dominated by white color with many paintings that decorate the space.


The room where we all take care of ourselves is the bathroom. In this apartment, it is an attractive part of the living space you would gladly spend part of the day in. When you step inside, first you notice a black and white floor tiles. This bathroom is an excellent example of how something as simple as a tile design can completely transform the look of a space. Next, you step on the carpet that goes along the beautification table. Above the table, there are two big mirrors and a small one that will provide enough viewing points. Beside the table, there is a window that provides more than enough natural light. On the other side of the wall, there is a bath and a shower cabin. Should you take a long bubbly bath or a quick and refreshing shower? Whatever you choose, you will enjoy it. To make the bathroom surrounding perfect, there are a few small plants inside.


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