Urban Chic Industrial Home

Michèle‘s Urban Chic Industrial Home is a fascinating combination of urban, modern chic, nature, and industrial design influences. The free flowing merging of steel, wood, plants, ethnic materials, and concrete.

Urban Chic Industrial Home




The place where people eat and have a good time filling their stomachs is a tasty blend of industrial, modern, and rustic chic. The dining table is made of fine dark wood but the chairs have steel body frames that are covered with leather and other fine materials with cuddly cushion pillows scattered around the place. The place is well ventilated and lighted by the white wooden windows with slits where natural light and air comes in. These white wooden windows also seem to serve as the walls of the dining area because there seems to be no walls – only windows. And plants…oh green plants. They seem to be everywhere in this dwelling that Michéle lovingly designed on the insides.



In the lounge area, there is a free flowing mix of black and white pictures framed on the wall and green plants all around the place. This conveys a message of going back to basics, and returning to the good old vintage times when everything was more nature based. To enhance the natural setting, there is this basket down below (that maybe holds native fabrics) and a roundish ornament on top of the table which both have an ethnic attractiveness to them since they are made of materials native to the tropics.

The blending in of the wood body of the stove at the kitchen in the back plus the wooden chopping board made as an ornament on the wall on top of the stove and also the wooden drawer in the front (in the lounge area) adds to the natural and relaxing feel.



Be amazed by the elevated bed in the room that can be accessed by 4 stair steps made of grainy wooden planks. On the elevated space below the bed, it is put to good use wisely as a storage area in the form of steel see through closets with wooden tops. There is a big Z jutting out of the wall at one side of the room, maybe representing the name of the room occupant or something important in the life of that person.

There are green plants strategically placed by the side of the bed, on a stair step, and on the sill of the window facing the bed. These plants are pleasant because they are representatives of naturalness inside the room which gives out free oxygen.

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